February 2023

Buy, Store, Garbage: Organize Your Closet for the Fall

I am constantly asked by friends and family alike if I can come and “edit” their closets. It seems that without the stern hand of a disinterested party, people really do have a hard time parting with anything – I have even found one anonymous friend holding onto her junior prom dress.

In an effort to help you all at home, I have put together the following guide on how to edit your closet. I call it the “buy, store, garbage” plan and if you follow it diligently you will not only find that you have a lot more than you thought, but that you gained a few extra sq. feet in that closet of yours:

Initial Edit: I start at the left side of my closet, working my way to the right, and pull out every item I haven’t worn over the past year. The key here to purging is quality and frequency. If you’re debating over a poor quality top that you “might” wear one day, but haven’t yet, toss it. Chances are, it will cost you more in dry cleaning than what the shirt’s actually worth. Keep your maxi dresses, leather pants, pencil skirts, fur vests, wide-leg pants and capes. Toss your overly girly dresses, circle skirts and cropped shirts. One rule of thumb is to always keep bags and shoes. Accessories are cyclical. My best friends in college chipped in for my birthday and bought me the denim Dior Saddle Bag, channeling Carrie Bradshaw. I stored it away a couple of seasons later, but boy am I glad I hung onto it. Rediscovering an oldie but goodie is like shopping in your own closet…for free!

Break It Down By Style: Whatever has survived in your closets after the initial edit should now be organized by style. I have a separate closet for skirts and dresses, and my main closet is broken down into two areas: button-downs (I can never have enough white ones) and every other kind of top.

Break It Down By Color: Your closet should have some semblance of organization by this point. Now it’s time to think like a kid, ROYGBIV. I organize my closet (within style) by color. This lessens the chance of items getting lost in the mix and makes it easier to see what you actually have. Plus, it looks pretty!

**Jeans Tip: I’m a big believer in folding your jeans to take up less hanging closet space, the most coveted kind of space. I have one pile for my skinnies, another for boot cuts and the last for bells and wide-legs.

Get Philanthropic: Don’t throw out your rejects. Here are a few places where you can donate. Remember, what’s one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Dress for Success: Outfits suitable for job interviews
Salvation Army: Clothing will be donated to homeless, abused and the disadvantaged
Donations Central: (General index of charities that accept donations)

Lindsay Brooke Weiss (Cohen) is a fashion and accessories editor and on-air style expert. She was previously Haute Living’s editorial director, Niche Media’s fashion and accessories editor and fashion editor for L-Atitude.com. Lindsay has been a frequent contributor at styledon.com and is a regular guest stylist on NBC’s “Gossip Gram.” For more articles from Lindsay, check out her site!

Image Credit: Sanyartspace.com

Favorite Multitasking Products

Admit it: We’re all guilty of having too many products.  It’s hard to resist trying something new and before you know it, you have product overload. Summertime is a time for lightening up, so why not take the time to simplify your routine? Ideal for busy days out on the go, here are our picks for the best multitasking products guaranteed to keep you covered.

Cut the medicine cabinet clutter with Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One soap, a great 18-in-one cleaning solution that works on body, hair, teeth, clothes, countertops… if you think it, it can clean it! The Dr. Bronner’s website has helpful tips on how to best dilute the solution to fit your washing needs. Moderate with water for use as a detergent, or apply full-strength to fight tough grease stains. The popular soap line comes in an assortment of scents, leaving whatever they cleanse smelling light, fresh, and good as new.
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If you want to get the celebrity red-carpet look of glistening skin, O.N.E. olive oil is the trick.  It smells great so you can skip perfume, and it’s perfect for the summer months when skin is most prone to drying out. O.N.E.’s combination of vitamin E and organic olive oil can work to revitalize a wide spectrum of skin types and can be used as a cleanser; refreshing or soothing as need be. We love it for its organic, enriching formula that’s just as effective on hair: Apply to damaged or frizzy ends for a smooth texture and increased shine. Great to use on dry cuticles, too!
Buy Now, $30

Clean skin is beautiful skin, which is why AHAVA 3-In-1 Mineral Toning Cleanser is rapidly becoming one of our favorite beauty bets. It’s no longer necessary to have multiple cleansers for face makeup, eye makeup, and facial wash: Remove and reinvigorate with one lightweight, 8.5-oz. bottle. AHAVA’s cleanser not only cleans and tones, it comes specially formulated to act as an anti-ager.
Buy Now, $30

Multitask the fight against aging on multiple fronts with Olay 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Cream. Dark circles, fine lines, puffy eyes, loss of firmness, uneven texture, uneven tone, and dryness are no match for the line-and-dark-circle minimizing brush, which is gentle enough for daily application. Olay is a trusted name in anti-aging, and this cream is the perfect complement to its over-night products that work to leave you with firmer – i.e. younger-looking – skin. The tinted moisturizer works particularly well in achieving an ideal smooth coverage.
Buy Now, $13.50

Keeping your skin soft in the summer heat is one of the season’s most important concerns… as is staying safe from pesky bugs. Hitting two of our most pressing needs is why we love Avon’s Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Body Spray. Containing citronella that leaves behind a lemony scent and helps repel mosquitoes, this spray is best applied to post-shower damp skin for long-lasting effectiveness. It can also be used as a summer perfume that will keep those buzzing friends far and away.
Buy Now, $7

We love the all-in-one, multi-use NARS stick called “The Multiple.” One stick for cheeks, eyes, body, and lips, the creamy tip goes on as powder to whichever area is most in need of sheer coverage. This product is available in a variety of great colors for all skin tones. Our recommended color, of course, is Orgasm, the wildly popular NARS-addict favorite.
Buy Now, $40

Deemed the “original tool for a girl on the go,” Miss A Kit is your go-to solution for any problems that may pop up when you’re out. Whether it’s a loose button, an unwanted headache, or the need for a little scented therapy in the form of a quick perfume squirt, this tool has you covered: Mirror, pill box, knife, needle and thread, flashlight, keychain, and perfume bottle (and then some!) all come in one compact, Swiss army knife-like container that’s easy to stash in any sized purse.
Buy Now, $20

Pantene’s 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner will cut washing time in half without cutting corners when it comes to the health of your hair. Choose between the Medium-Thick, Fine, and Curly hair options for the formula that best suits your texture for optimum, silky results.
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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: It’s Magic!

I recently moved to a new apartment, and after unpacking I discovered that the walls of my new home were covered with stains. The Magic Eraser was the best discovery! It felt like magic, the way it removed all the stains without much effort. You can also use it on baseboards, floors, doors, leather, and more. For more Mr. Clean cleaning tips, you can check out this site, http://www.mrclean.com/en_US/house-cleaning-tips.do!—Daniela Apeloig

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