June 2023

Tired of Looking Tired

Under eye circles and puffiness are one of the most common beauty complaints and are usually genetically inherited, or accrued from late nights at the office, lack of sleep, and general stress. I have tried hundreds of products that promise to cover and hide the “sleepless night look” so many of us sport under our eyes. Here are some of my picks to combat and conceal- and help anyone who is tired of looking tired!

Frownies Eye Gels, Under Eye & Eye Lid Collagen Patches, $29.95
Frownies eye gels are the first step in achieving a deflated under eye area. The anti-wrinkle treatment contains strong anti-oxidants that not only help protect the sensitive skin, but in one thirty minute treatment 100% of women saw a reduction of fine lines, puff and dark circles. The weight of the patch soothes the under eye area and fights free radical damage. For optimal results, all you have to do is use the gel three nights in a row and then sporadically once a week from there on out! They’re also great to use before any special nights out or as a 30 minute treatment. Frownies are a tinseltown staple and a favorite of Raquel Welch, Rashida Jones and the entire Kardashian clan!

NYFW Spring 2013 Makeup Trends

Fashion week’s bevy of beautiful models had their natural beauty highlighted for Spring 2013. Eyes, lids, brows, and lips were the focus: soft, feature-enhancing makeup and bold, modern looks both reigned on the runways. From iconic images of the past to scenes in nature, makeup artists drew inspiration from a variety of muses and really mixed the old with the new. We can’t wait to try out these fresh trends next spring!

Bargain Beauty

Think that drugstore brand cosmetics can’t stand up next to those department store brands that you swear by? Guess again. We love the idea that we can get fabulous beauty products for a bargain and look chic! We’ve scoured the aisles of our favorite drugstores to bring you a list of the best products that are worth adding to your makeup bag.

Covergirl Smoothers SPF Tinted Moisturizer, $6.25
Tinted moisturizers are the beauty world’s way of making our lives more convenient and we are obsessed with this one. It’s the perfect lightweight moisturizer that is slightly tinted to help even out your skin tone. Did we mention that it has built-in SPF 15 too? The gel formula glides on easily for coverage that is super smooth and natural-looking. You can layer it under your makeup or by itself.  It’s perfect to wear to the gym or when you’re running weekend errands and want a little coverage.

5 Long-Lasting Eyeliners

I have a confession. While my blog is centered around my love for mascara, it’s not actually my favorite beauty product. I don’t mind leaving the house without mascara on, but will I ever leave without eyeliner? Heavens no! Eyeliners are fantastic at defining your eyes and making you appear more awake, which is incredibly important if you’re a chronic blogger that can spend 12-18 hours in front of a computer. Check out some of my favorite luscious and long-lasting liners, and see if they don’t become your must-have beauty tool, too!

If your eyes are super sensitive to the products you use, then you will love Tarte’s SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner ($25 on Sephora.com). Aside from being nice and creamy, this eyeliner is paraben-free and has Amazonian clay to moisturize your lids. Oh, and the best part? It also has a smudge brush at the end of it, making it easy to create the perfect smoky eyes.

For an eyeliner that won’t cost you a ton of money, Essence’s Eyeliner Pen in Black ($2.49 on Ulta.com) has you covered. What can you expect from an eyeliner that costs less than $3? A whole heap of magic with a smudge-proof formula that does a great job at lasting throughout the day and goes on precisely every time thanks to the Japanese felt tip. This eyeliner had me at hello.

CoverGirl LiquiLine Blast Eyeliner ($7.03 on Drugstore.com) is definitely one of my favorite eyeliners simply because the pigments are so intense. It comes in six different colors from Green Glow to Blackfire, but my favorite is Blue Boom which has a metallic finish and looks stunning on the lower lash line. For those days when you don’t feel like wearing an eyeshadow, these liners will make your eyes pop with minimal effort.

One liner that I will forever repurchase is Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero ($18). Even if my eyes water up due to allergies, I accidentally rub my made-up peepers or I fall asleep without washing my face (the horror!), this eyeliner won’t go anywhere. The price is a little steep, but with quality this good I just can’t live without it!

Sally Hansen’s Natural Beauty Forever Stay Eye Pencil ($7.95 on Drugstore.com) is a paraben-free liner that really surprised me! It has a stellar formula that not only feels good on the lids, but lasts all day, too. It can be really difficult to find affordable paraben-free eyeliners that also work well, so this baby is definitely one to grab—and fast!

Do you love eyeliners? Which of these is your fave? Which beauty product do you never leave the house without?

-Brittany Thomas for ClumpsOfMascara.com

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Image Credit: Make-upusa.com