December 2023

Top 14 Romantic Hairstyles

Valentine’s Day is upon us next week, and a romantic date night hairstyle is a must. Opt for sultry curls like Katherine McPhee, or another of these glamorous styles. He’ll definitely be sweet on you.

 Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus’ glossy locks and side part give her a red carpet look that was both ethereal and ladylike.
Photo: John Kopaloff/Getty Images

Emma Stone
Emma Stone’s updo is elegant without being severe. Some face-framing wispy pieces enhance the actress’ peaches and cream complexion.

Photo: Mark Davis/WireImage 

Brooke Anderson
Brooke Anderson shows off the latest braid trend, while still keeping her hair loose and wavy.

Curly Sue? No…Curly YOU!

We’re straight-haired girls. Always have been, always will be. But as the saying goes—you always want what you can’t have, and we have wanted curly hair since our first day of first grade. After years of trial and error, fighting with hair dressers about perms, countless dollars spent on various irons and rollers, you won’t believe what we discovered. The best stick-straight-to-curly hair transformation: Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels. Yes, fellow straight-haired readers, you read that correctly. In four steps (one of which is sleep!) you too can have Curly Sue ringlets via paper towels.

Here’s the how-to: First, after you shower, let your hair air-dry until barely damp. Then roll one sheet of the smallest “select-a-size” of paper towel into the familiar hair roller shape and roll half-inch sections of hair from end to root. Using the excess ends of paper towel, tie each “roller” in a loose knot to hold it in place. Third, and obviously the most appealing, get some beauty sleep. Finally, in the morning, unroll and spray your ringlets with a secure-hold hairspray. Our favorite is Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray. A heads’ up: when you unroll your curls, don’t panic from their extreme curliness; they relax into a curly thing of beauty.—Kelly & Jaclyn Tokarz

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