August 2020

Fashion Detox: Doing the Detox Cleanse to Fit My Fall Fashion Must-Haves

By Stacey Mayesh

I recently did a fabulous detox cleanse—mostly juice, but also some raw food. I had been away on an extended summer vacation in Maine. We were in the middle of nowhere, and somehow, my “healthy eating from the farmer’s market” diet plan became the “every form of sweets and baked goods” eating plan. I came home wondering how I was going to fit into all of the chic fall fashion I had been planning to buy!!!

Enter Yvette Rose, a fellow Tribeca mom and founder of Joulebody, a customized exercise, yoga, and nutrition program geared toward turning short-term results into a lifestyle. I later found out that Yvette’s son goes to the same school as my daughter AND that many of my fashionista friends have done her detox cleanse (she’s a favorite among fashion editors, fashion PR execs, and models). I felt better about the detox cleanse knowing I had a kindred spirit/neighbor to call in a panic, which is so much better than doing a cleanse that you order online and typically has zero personal attention or care.

Hoping to eliminate carb and sugar cravings, de-puff, and get into a better mindset before kicking off my INSANE fall work schedule, I signed up for the 3-day Kickstart Diet. Everything was delivered the night before—3 small orange cooler bags filled with everything I would need for 3 days of my detox for fashion. All ingredients are chosen very carefully, with an Ayurvedic ideal. Liver- and kidney-cleansing fresh ingredients—think beets, spinach, kale, collard greens, carrots, celery, apples, berries, turmeric, cayenne, curry—help remove toxins from the bloodstream and body. Oranges, plums, bananas, mangoes, and any sweeteners other than maple syrup that cause inflammation or fluctuating sugar levels are avoided at all costs. There is enough vegetarian protein, such as lentils, garbanzo and adzuki beans, along with brown rice, to help maintain high energy levels. The root vegetables also help.

I am not going to lie: I was hungry. It was hard. Especially when I was out to dinner with my family at the local diner, salivating over the French fries in front of me! The portions are tiny, but you can supplement them with as many carrots and celery sticks as you like, plus up to 10 raw almonds per day. Each day, I had 3 liquid meals (1 smoothie, 1 green juice, 1 “lemonade”), 2 tiny vegan solid meals, and 2 of the tiniest (but delicious!) high-fiber healthy cookies for dessert.

At the end of the 3 days, I had really hit my limit. (I have friends who have cleansed for 10 consecutive days or weeks even, and I don’t know how they do it!) This was perfect for me because I truly felt transformed afterward, and I never got to a point where I felt I couldn’t stick to the program.

My clothes DEFINITELY fit better afterward, I had great energy, and most importantly, I got rid of my horrible carb and sweet cravings, which made it easier to stick to a healthy diet after the program.

And now for the final drum roll please . . . here’s what I bought for my feel-good, sexy fall go-to look!

Buy Proenza Schouler Suede Skinny Pants, $1,295, at
Buy Isabel Marant Keni Leather Biker Jacket, $2,395, at
Buy Haute Hippie Silk Sequined Top, $445, at
Buy Givenchy Ribbon Leather Ankle Boots, $995, at

For more information about Joulebody and other detox cleanse programs available nationally, read Cleanses around the Country.

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Stacey Mayesh, Fashion Contributing Editor

I am a NYC-based fashion stylist who has worked with top-tier magazines (Marie Claire, InStyle, Elle, Lucky), and celebs (Selma Blair, Jessica Alba, Susan Sarandon, Sean Combs) for 15 years. I was recently featured in Vogue and on NBC Weekend Today. I now work with private clients bringing a fresh . . . Read more of Stacey’s fashion secrets

Cleanses around the Country

If you’re considering a detox cleanse and live in New York, try Joulebody. For other detox cleanse programs outside New York, Joulebody founder Yvette Rose suggests 5 other options available nationally.


  • Available in New York
  • Customized exercise, nutrition, and yoga programs
  • Boost energy while flattening your stomach
  • Helps to stop cravings for unhealthy foods
  • Kickstart 3-day cleansing includes made-to-order, all-natural meals
  • Delivered to your door
  • Program includes soups, smoothies, cookies, and more
  • $225 for Kickstart program


  • Gluten-free and 100% vegan
  • Rids body of impurities and establishes an alkaline balance
  • Helps to regulate digestion and metabolism
  • 3 cleansing programs, based on level of intensity
  • $40–$105 per day

The Cleanse

  • Restores and maintains health and energy
  • 7- or 10-day programs
  • Program combines juice and food with yoga and meditation
  • Takes 45 minutes to an hour each day to prepare food and do yoga and meditation
  • A retreat center in New Mexico is an alternative
  • 100% vegan
  • $80–$325


  • Short Home Cleanse 4-day program, to precede a 3–21 day Panchakarma retreat at the LifeSpa center in Boulder, Colorado
  • Best when you have time to really rest and retreat
  • Step-by-step instructions and supply list available online
  • Detox and nourish lymphatic system
  • Program includes herbs, ghee, fruits, and vegetables
  • Contact LifeSpa for pricing

The Raw Divas

  • 5 different programs
  • 7-Day Diva Detox is free online
  • Free program includes daily fitness and food journal, support emails, and raw-food recipes
  • Learn how to overcome cravings to carbs and salts
  • Lose weight and have more energy
  • $29.97–$597 for other programs

The Fresh Diet

  • Premium or Chef’s Choice programs
  • Available for 7, 14, 21, or 31 days
  • Balance of good carbs, legumes and vegetables, lean meat and fish, and healthy fats
  • Programs include 3 gourmet meals and 2 snacks daily
  • $34.99–$59.99 per day