August 2021

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner: “Eye” am in Love!

I admit it, I have an issue with commitment . . . to my beauty products, that is! My excitement over new products is typically short-lived, leaving me vulnerable to all those glossy magazine ads and TV commercials about the “new best thing in beauty.” However, I’m proud to say there’s one standby that I have been faithful to for years now—my Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black Brown. The waterproof formula gives a perfect smudgy line, and the retractable case has a built-in sharpener if you want a more precise look. So while I’m still “playing the field” for the perfect mascara, I am thrilled to have finally settled down with this tried-and-true eyeliner! –Colleen Hagerty

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Bioré Makeup Removing Towelettes: Nighttime Cleansing Made Simple

Laziness is my area of expertise. That is why when it’s time to wash my face before I go to bed, I tend to skip the process altogether. But my skin is starting to put up a fight. My newly discovered solution/best friend? Bioré Makeup Removing Towelettes. Cleaning my face before I hit the sheets has never been so easy! It even gets rid of that stubborn mascara that usually ends up smeared all over my white pillowcase. Goodbye raccoon eyes, hello fresh face in the morning! –Kimberly Hedmark

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