January 2021

Snack Happened, $9.95


Snack Happened

It’s a little-known fact of motherhood—you give birth, you turn into a walking snack factory. Stop using those plastic snack bags. Instead, load your Cheerios, goldfish and raisins into these adorable snack sacks. Reusable, waterproof and washable, they come in eight fun patterns that we use to code the snacks—dogs for pretzels, camouflage for granola bars. You get the picture.

Price: $9.95

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Dante Beatrix Recycle Eco-Packs, $46 and $56


Dante Beatrix Recycle Eco-Packs

Stylish, sturdy . . . and good for the planet? You bet. We love these nylon backpacks made from recycled 16-ounce plastic bottles and biodegradable canvas trim. And they come in two different sizes for little kids or big. The recycle logo really caught our eye, but they also have peace and love. Mother Nature would be proud!

Price: $46 & $56

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