October 2023

3 Ways to Eat Healthy On-The-Go

With January resolve starting to wane, many of us could use some help keeping our eating on-track. To keep energy high and our bodies slim as we fight off those winter blues it’s essential to eat nutritious foods throughout the day and stay well hydrated. However, we can run into trouble when our hectic and complex lives get in the way, making it difficult to eat those health boosting foods we know and love.

The solution lies in the preparation – you can choose a specially designed meal plan like Nutritious Life Meals, or prep, cook and pack yourself. Either way, the tips below will help keep your energy up and your metabolism revved while eating on-the-go. The reward will be a happier, slimmer and sexier you!

1. Nutritious Life Meals
Nutritious Life Meals is my newest tool to help you live a more Nutritious Life. The program will help you fit nutrition into your routine effortlessly and consistently, resulting in a healthier and slimmer you!

The plan works like this: each day, three freshly prepared gourmet meals and two snacks will be delivered right to your doorstep. I created each meal, so you know that you will be getting the right balance of nutrients in the proper portions to help you lose weight and gain energy. If you have allergies, dietary restrictions or simply don’t like certain foods (broccoli may never be your favorite, no matter how nutritious it is!), before each meal is delivered you can log into your online account, choose between four meal options, and even give some foods a “thumbs down.” This ensures that you’ll get nutritious meals that you will enjoy and be excited to eat!

2. “Brown Bag” 2012 Style
A portable cooler may not be the chicest carryall, but it’s an excellent tool to help you eat empowered. Portable coolers allow you to bring along more substantial snacks like endive and hummus, cheese and turkey slices or yogurt and nuts. These snacks are great because they combine protein and fat to help you stay satisfied. Okay, maybe a cooler is going a bit above and beyond for some of you, but a Built insulated lunch bag is something even the most uber-fashionistas can handle.

3. RX for Snacks: Have an emergency stash
Sometimes you need to run out the door and simply don’t have the time to prep a bag full of snacks (some days are just too unpredictable). For these times, a pre-packed snack bag is essential. Keep this bag loaded with nonperishable items such as mixed nuts, high fiber crackers, natural peanut butter packets and organic turkey jerky. Some of my favorite choices even include ‘unconventional’ items like tuna packets and oatmeal packets. I also recommend stashing some green tea and True Lemon packets in your snack bag to add to water so that you can always stay hydrated. Keep this emergency stash on hand at home to throw in your bag, glove compartment and inside your desk at work.

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Nationally recognized nutrition expert and published author Keri Glassman is the founder and president of Keri Glassman, Nutritious Life, a nutrition practice based in New York City.  For years, Keri has been a leader in advancing a “whole person” approach to health and wellness.She has dedicated her career to creating services and promoting education through her Nutritious Life brand. She has authored two books; the most recent is The O2 Diet. The Cutting Edge, Antioxidant-Based Program That Will Make You Healthy, Thin and Beautiful. (Rodale, December 2009.) This book translates complex scientific research on antioxidants and the ORAC scale into useful and usable tools that everyone can benefit from. It empowers people to live a more Nutritious Life by combining a nutrient dense, high antioxidant diet with the other components of a Nutritious Life. The O2 Diet follows the Snack Factor Diet, (Crown, 2007.)Keri is a contributing editor and advisory board member for Women’s Health Magazine, and was the first registered dietitian to create a real food based snack bar, KeriBar.Additionally, Keri is the Nutrition and Health contributor for NBC’s New York Live, and is regularly featured on national television programs including NBC’s The Today Show, ABC’s Good Morning America, Access Hollywood Live, The View, Dr. Oz, The Doctors, The Wendy Williams Show, MSNBC and The Fox News Channel.

Keri resides in New York City with her children, Rex and Maizy.

Eat Real Food for Your Health

If the low carb, no carb, high protein, low fat, and engineered nutrition crazes have successfully left you dizzy with confusion yet sluggish and still barely squeezing into your jeans, it is time to get back to basics with your nutrition.  So where do you start?

Proper and efficient digestion is of primary importance to any health regimen.  Probiotics are your magic little helper when it comes to repairing damage that artificial additives and chemical laden foods cause to your digestive system.  The positive benefits of proper probiotic supplementation are so clear that pharmaceutical companies are jumping on the bandwagon with “prescription strength” options.  However, no doctor is needed for great results. Visit your local health food store for a refrigerated powder version of this miracle supplement!

The next step is to replace manufactured food with real food.  Seriously evaluate what you put in your mouth and make a vow that if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, don’t understand how it was made, or it can last longer than your favorite pet will likely live, you will not eat it.  Period. End of story.  Somehow, engineered nutrition (sneakily disguised as “food”) has taken the spotlight and pushed real health foods like fruits and vegetables into its ominous shadow.

The question is how do you integrate real foods, most importantly fruits and veggies, back into your daily routine?  Start your morning with a veggie omelet, or a simple pineapple and yogurt smoothie with a handful of kale or spinach.  For a snack, try sliced red peppers and hummus or an apple with natural almond butter.  Lunch can be a big colorful salad with beans and sunflower seeds for an added protein punch.  Dinner should be a generous portion of vegetables and a little something else on the side.

For better health, boundless energy and an easier time getting into your jeans, gift yourself this perfect combo of good digestion, ditching fake food and upping your intake of fruits and vegetables.  Your body will thank you.

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