March 2021

Consignment: Selling Jewelry and Fashion Online for Cash!

By Hattie MacAndrews

Post-holiday letdown can quickly become post-holiday panic as credit card bills, loaded with evidence of party-dress excess and gift-giving generosity, come pouring in. Forget partial payments and high interest. Instead, sell that stuff cluttering your closets and jewelry boxes to pay your bills. The bonus? More room for the fab gifts you just got.

Linda’s Stuff: Easy eBay Consignment Online
How long have those spectacular Louboutin shoes sat idle in your closet? Or your mother’s vintage Chanel bag, which you always mean to use but never do? Welcome to Linda’s Stuff, an eBay consignment shop so hassle-free you’ll forget all thoughts of DIY resale. Linda’s Stuff will pick up your items, photograph them, and list them in its eBay consignment boutique. Once they’re sold, your check is in the mail—you get 62% of the selling price for items under $1,000; for those that sell for over $1,000, you’ll rake in 75%—all for no additional fees. They even front the UPS cost for you to ship your goodies to them.

Linda’s Stuff, raking in $10 million in sales, is the brainchild of Linda Lightman, a lawyer-turned-full-time-mother who became an entrepreneur when her kids asked her to sell their old video games. Today, she has over 60 employees and over 60,000 items listed on the site daily. What she sells? Fashion and gift items for men, women, and children, designer and brand names preferred. She’s sold everything from a crocodile-skin Birkin bag for $40,000 to a J.Crew cashmere sweater for $19.

Not sure what will and won’t sell? Just call or email the Linda’s Stuff team. And once your goodies go live, you’ll get an email so you can follow the auction. Not to worry: If they don’t sell right away, they get relisted. So make room in your closet and make money . . . those must-have spring fashions are hitting stores soon!

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Divorce Your Jewels: Better than Cash for Gold

Have an engagement ring from your cheating ex? Some ’80s bling that’s more gaudy than gorgeous? Sell it. Melissa Schorr, a former shoe industry executive, turns carats into cash with her service, Divorce Your Jewels.


In person, or by phone or email, Schorr appraises jewelry based on current pricing for precious metals and stones. Signed estate pieces and brands like Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier are especially valuable, even single earrings or incomplete jewelry sets bring cash. What she won’t touch—costume jewelry or semiprecious stones.


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Not sure what to keep or sell? Celebrity stylist and PageDaily contributing editor Stacey Mayesh reveals her closet-purging tips to start the new year off with a clean closet–and those few extra dollars wouldn’t hurt!