August 2022

Tracy Anderson Method DVDs, $19.99


Tracy Anderson Method DVDs:

Tracy Anderson, personal trainer to Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, is responsible for getting these ladies in tip-top shape. Her DVD collection shares her various workout routines: Mat WorkoutDance Cardio Workout, and Post Pregnancy Workout.

Mat Workout DVD:

Tracy’s secret to sculpting a long, lean, feminine physique without adding bulk is revealed in her Mat Workout DVD. Tracy keeps her clients in great shape using high repetitions and light resistance training. Through small isolated movements, she targets the smaller supporting muscles, which works them from all angles. Weights used in this routine are no more than 3lbs.

The workout lasts just about an hour and is divided into the following sections: standing legs, arm work without weights, arm work with weights, standing ab work, floor work for the legs, and a variety of crunches.

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Dance Cardio Workout DVD:

This high impact, high energy cardio dance DVD is full of jumping, high kicks, and dance steps. Tracy breaks down each dance cardio combination in full detail, which keeps the workout fun and entertaining.

Dance cardio keeps the body looking long and lean. Since you are continuously moving, muscles are targeted from all angles. An entirely different group of muscles is worked through dance than through other forms of cardio such as running or biking; which makes this is a great option to add variety to your regular fitness routine. Tracy constantly introduces new moves throughout the DVD, in order to keep you on your toes.

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Post Pregnancy Workout DVD:

Like many women, Tracy Anderson gave into her cravings during her pregnancy and ate whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. The reality hit after her son was born; she had gained 60 pounds. Frustrated with her weight gain, Tracy was determined to get back into shape.

While on a mission to shape her figure into that “teeny-tiny dancer type,” Tracy stumbled across a fitness routine that was able to miraculously tone and sculpt her body. It consists of many repetitions and light resistance training was tested on 150 women. After successfully toning and tightening over 150 women’s bodies, Tracy decided it was time to share her fitness secrets with the world.

Tracy Anderson’s Post Pregnancy Workout DVD tightens the core and helps to lose the additional pregnancy weight gain.

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