August 2022

Vera Wang Launches New Fragrance with Leighton Meester

Vera Wang celebrated the launch of her latest fragrance, Lovestruck, with Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester at the fabulous James Hotel.   Vera was there to tell us about Lovestruck:

“Lovestruck is about the emotion and rush you feel when you are falling in love and going for it…those heart-pounding moments of spontaneity,” Vera said of her new scent creation, which has notes of florals, woods and musk.

Lovestruck comes in a gorgeous and feminine flower bottle.  Vera, who wore a black jumpsuit, added that Lovestruck was inspired by a modern day twist on Romeo & Juliet.  It captures the feeling of a woman who is struck by love, captivated by passion.  It represents an irresistible romance.

Leighton, who is featured in the fragrance’s ad campaign, stopped by later after a filming of Gossip Girl looking gorgeous in a white dress with a leather belt and some of the highest heels we’ve ever seen.  Her hair was swept into an elegant messy updo with an edgy studded barette.  Leighton was super friendly and smiled for the cameras as they caught her getting her palm read.

The chic event was held at Jimmy, the hotel’s scenic rooftop venue. Bartenders mixed up signature Lovestruck cocktails and a palm and tarot card reader was on hand to see if love was in your future.  You could even send a love note to a friend or special someone from one of the laptops there.

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Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian

Ok, I admit it, I’m addicted to reality TV! Whether it’s Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, or even Mason, I always want to catch up with the Kardashian clan. When I found out that Kim Kardashian would enter my actual reality in New York City, I just had to catch a glimpse of the starlet.

So Wednesday night, Colleen Hagerty and I entered Macy’s in Herald Square. She was the perfect partner in crime, as we both are usually glued to the tube for reality television. On the first floor, just beyond the jewelry section, a small space was roped off. Now, I have to explain—getting into this roped- off area was more difficult than trying to get into the VIP section at a club. Security blocked every possible entrance. Even after being on the list, we had to be confirmed by three different people before we could be placed in the press section.

As each minute passed by, the excitement and intensity grew. It seemed like every Macy’s employee was just as eager to be in Kim Kardashian’s presence. The women working in the perfume section were in the perfect position to catch all the action as they stood on their tippy-toes behind the counters. We, however, were fortunate enough to be placed front-row right next to the Kim and Kourtney Take New York crew. (Look for us in January when the new season premieres on E!)

When Kim finally appeared from behind the backdrop, she gleefully spoke about the launch of her new fragrance. After two years, she explained, this launch was a dream come true. The perfume combines all of her favorite scents in one royal purple bottle.  After thanking her fans, she then took photos with the first 300 customers to buy her four-piece fragrance set.

As we began to gather our things and leave, it was obvious that this Kardashian attracted fans both young and old. From a teenager to an older man, each was more than willing (and ecstatic) to wait in line for hours to meet the reality star for mere seconds—now that’s dedication! I have to say, this celeb-sighting not only made my day but my whole month! Like so many other fans, I will anxiously be awaiting to keep up with Kim and Kourtney when the new season premieres!

Stay tuned for our video of Kim Kardashian’s fragrance debut at Macy’s! —Lindsay Hahn

Tom Ford Beauty White Patchouli Eau de Parfum: True Love

When it comes to perfume, I’ve never been a girl to stick to one scent for more than a couple of weeks. That’s about to change. Recently, I rediscovered a bottle of Tom Ford’s White Patchouli Eau de Parfum in the back of my medicine cabinet, and I’m obsessed. When I told my mother that I had fallen in love with a patchouli-based perfume, she immediately started reminiscing about the 60s. But Tom Ford’s floral-infused woodsy fragrance is not just for hippies anymore with floral notes like jasmine, rose, and coriander added to the mix. The minimalistic white and gold bottle is as elegant as the scent itself and has taken up permanent residence on my bathroom countertop.  Sleek, sexy, with a touch of Bohemia? Tom Ford, you have made a fragrance monogamist out of me.—Kate Bryan

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