March 2023

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a fabulous gift for that special someone! Be creative this year…there’s no need to rely on old standbys. These hand-picked gifts for him and her are sure to delight any of the loves in your life.

T. Anthony Kent Slim Messenger, BUY NOW, $450
The T. Anthony Kent Slim Messenger bag is a perfect gift for the guy on the move. The super slim and stylish messenger is lightweight and made from scratch resistant pebble grain leather that will keep during the most rugged of wear. I bought one for my husband recently and he loves it for every day and for travel. You can also have the bag gold stamped with your man’s initials–love a personalized gift! T. Anthony bags have been featured in O Magazine, Allure and Bazaar.

Michael Kors Men’s Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch, BUY NOW, $225
A signature timepiece is an important part of every man’s wardrobe. This sleek design by Michael Kors is impeccably chic, and offers a lot of look for the price. Oversized chronograph styles are my favorite…this one looks hip and cool without trying too hard.

Johnnie Walker Engraved Blue Label Whisky, BUY NOW, $225
Personalization makes a gift extra special. The whisky aficionado will relish in owning an engraved bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label! The 200 year old brewer is known for their consistency and flavor quality, perfect for the man who has everything.

Molton Brown Echo Bath and Body Gift Set, BUY NOW, $109
If your Valentine could use a little rest and relaxation (can’t we all?), indulge them with the Molton Brown Echo yuan zhi Gift Set, complete with bath and shower gel, body cream, and medio candela. Molton Brown has been a leader in the best quality body, skin, hair and home products since the 70’s. All of their materials are sourced from natural and sustainable ingredients and the blend of yuan zhi root, ylang ylang and vanilla makes a great scent for both sexes. Fans include Leighton Meester and Kristen Chenoweth.

Brookstone Bluetooth Keyboard for Ipad 2 Tablet, BUY NOW, $99
Every iPad2 tablet owner will be delighted with the Brookstone Bluetooth Keyboard. The sleek portfolio case is made out of a rubberized material with a built in wireless keyboard that lets you type with ease at laptop speed and has full access to the device’s camera and port capabilities. It’s available in fun shades like pink, orange and green as well as basic colors so it makes a great gift for anyone with an iPad2. This is the nicest one I have seen–it’s not bulky and the keyboard is super comfortable and easy to use.

Jacks & Jokers “King’s Head” Graphic Tee, BUY NOW, $60
These ultra hip t-shirts are incredibly soft and detailed with authentic graphics and logos from decks of playing cards. A totally fresh take on a tee, the fun designs are great for the King of your Heart. It’s a perfect present for the downtown guy, and the uptown one who needs to revamp his preppy collared shirt look. Jacks and Jokers tees have been spotted on celebs Adrian Grenier and Kevin Dillon, New York Yankee Nick Swisher and were featured in Hamptons Magazine.

Giuliana Rancic Dishes about Her Addictions, Secret Weapons & Bill

Interview by Katrina Caspelich

If you love turning up the volume on Tinseltown’s hush-hush way of life, you’ll love Giuliana Rancic. This E! News correspondent/managing editor, TV personality, and author gets down and dirty interviewing celebrities from Britney Spears to George Clooney. We’ve turned the tables on this outspoken Italian-born beauty and asked her to spill her red-carpet secrets, fashion must-haves, and favorite beauty products. Giuliana also dishes about her latest project, a website she’s launching January 12, called And you don’t want to miss what she says about her husband and co-star, Bill.

Katrina Caspelich: What is a typical day like for you?
Giuliana Rancic: Busy! I am lucky to have an amazing career, an amazing husband, and amazing friends. Is that too many amazings? It can call for major multitasking. I write interview notes and FabFitFun ideas while I am on the treadmill in the morning. I read the news on my iPad while I get hair and make-up done at E! And on the days when I am traveling and can’t see Bill, I always make sure to get in some much-needed Q.T. on the phone. It’s not necessarily phone sex. I call it “phone affection.”

KC: What tips and tricks have you learned on the red carpet?
Giuliana Rancic: This may sound hokey but I try to be myself—I think people pick up on that vibe and feel more comfortable. Sometimes the more over-prepared you are, the more underwhelming the interview is. If you are fixated on a bunch of scripted and rehearsed questions, you will miss the spontaneous and quirky moments that make a great red carpet!

KC: Do you have any embarrassing on-camera stories?
Giuliana Rancic: Oh gosh, where do I start? Nothing is embarrassing if people talk about it. That’s the beauty of the red carpet, anything can and will happen, and the louder it is, the better! Bring it on!

KC: Who is your favorite celebrity to interview?
Giuliana Rancic: George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are my favorites. They are so genuine. It’s hard to find authentic movie stars in Hollywood, and these 2 are as real as they get.

KC: If you weren’t in the entertainment industry, what would you be doing? Giuliana Rancic: I actually wouldn’t mind if the Rancics opened up a bed-and-breakfast—we could call it G&B’s B&B. Actually, that sounds fun for my 50s or 60s. But as for now, if I weren’t a TV host, I would be running a television network. I love the business side of the entertainment industry, and sometimes when I sit in those big meetings with all my bosses, I secretly envy them and their power.

KC: What’s it like to expose your life in your books and TV show?
Giuliana Rancic: It can be tough at times, but I am a pretty open person when it comes down to it. I’d rather have someone see the real me than read about some crazy rumor online.

KC: How do you separate your career from your private life? Giuliana Rancic: I think it’s just about balance. Although both Bill and I do spend a huge majority of our lives on camera, we always make sure to take time for each other.

KC: What inspired you to launch FabFitFun?
Giuliana Rancic: FabFitFun has been something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, and I could not be more excited about the launch. Working in Hollywood can make anyone feel a little crazy, and I just wanted to create a place that promotes a happy, healthy lifestyle. We do have great beauty and fitness tips, but FabFitFun is really just about feeling good from the inside out. It’s a fun, informative, and great way for me to connect with people.

KC: How do you stay fit?
Giuliana Rancic: Everything in moderation! If I indulge in a plate of lasagna for dinner, I will probably go for a lighter chicken-salad-type lunch the next day. And most likely go to the gym. I used to run long distance, but now I do sprints. I alternate 2 minutes of fast walking with 2 minutes of sprinting for about 30 or 40 minutes. I find this is more effective than running long

distances. I also love working out with Bill—running, hiking, etc. It makes exercise a lot more fun. Basically, I just try to live a really balanced lifestyle.

KC: Do you like to cook?
Giuliana Rancic: I love to cook, but I’m just not great at it. My mom is an amazing cook—I am always inspired by the amazing Italian meals that she makes.

KC: What are some of your secrets to staying happy and healthy?
Giuliana Rancic: Make time to spend time with the people you love. I adore my work but it can be tough at times. When I have a hard day, there’s no one that can make me feel better than Bill. He’s my biggest fan, and I am his.

KC: What are your favorite beauty products?
Giuliana Rancic: The DDF Revolve 400X. I use it twice a week, and it’s like getting microdermabrasian at home. It’s about $90, so I have literally saved $1,000 in facials since I started using it. It’s amazing and my secret weapon to great skin. I also love bronzer by Lorac. As for makeup, I use mostly Mac and Nars products.
Buy DDF Revolve 400X Micro-Polishing System, $95, at
Buy Lorac Tantalizer Baked Bronzer, $32, at

KC: You travel constantly between Chicago and L.A. Any packing tips?
Giuliana Rancic: Stay within one color zone. When you’re going away for the weekend, just bring one pair of black or nude heels and match your outfits accordingly. Of course, I am not saying I always follow my own advice.

KC: What do you feel most confident wearing?
Giuliana Rancic: The truth is I am a fashion junkie at heart. I know that when I am off camera and just doing normal stuff with Bill like going to the movies, I should be excited to just throw on a t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops. But that’s just not really me. I love heels. I am always in them. My Italian mother wouldn’t go grocery shopping without 5-inch heels, so I inherited my shoe sickness from her. Bill doesn’t get it at all, but I think it’s just a girl thing. I feel more myself when I am all dressed up.

KC: What is your guilty pleasure?
Giuliana Rancic: I love all accessories—purses, shoes, jewelry. I am addicted to them. But shoes are my passion. Even if I go to Bloomie’s for towels, I have to stop by the shoe department on my way out.

KC: What is your must-have fashion item this winter?
Giuliana Rancic: This to-die-for iPad case from Tory Burch that just came out for the holidays. It’s a shiny metallic leather case in gold, and it’s fierce! Also, I have a ginormous scarf from Burberry that I have been wearing almost every day. It’s the classic Burberry print so it classes up any outfit.
Buy Tory Burch eTablet Metallic Leather Case, $175, at
Buy Burberry Giant Check Cashmere Scarf, $335, at

KC: What clothing do you think every woman should splurge on?
Giuliana Rancic: Shoes! No matter how down you are feeling, a great pair of high heels always helps!

KC: Who are your favorite designers?
Giuliana Rancic: Valentino and Oscar de la Renta on the red carpet. In real life, everything from Tory Burch and Catherine Malandrino to H&M and Express. I believe you don’t have to spend a ton of money to look like a million bucks.

KC: Are you a TV hound in your free time?
Giuliana Rancic: Absolutely. I could not live without Tivo.

KC: What are 5 things you can’t live without daily? Giuliana Rancic: Cell phone, high heels, the internet, bronzer, and Rancic.

KC: Who do you think you were in a former life? Giuliana Rancic: A really hot, rich and wild man! A total playboy!!!

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