August 2022

It’s Always on a Thursday

As editors, our lives seem to revolve around going to fashion and beauty events, which all tend to occur on the same day—Thursday. For some reason, Thursday in the PR world is the best day to launch collections, view new products, and be seen. But this Thursday was unlike any other, since Lindsay and I attended product launches for 2 of our favorite brands. First, we went to the Milly by Michelle Smith handbag launch of Bergdorf Goodman. Later, we attended the H2O Plus cocktail event at its Madison Avenue store, where the brand launched new products from its Sea Pure line.

Upon arriving at the 5th floor at Bergdorf Goodman, we saw there was already a crowd. Socialites and fashionistas alike gathered around Michelle’s spring collection, which includes her new line of accessories. Aside from the designer herself, familiar faces included Linda Fargo, Eugenie Niven Goodman, Hayley Bloomingdale, and Blair Husain. It was a fun little soirée, with a trendy DJ, tasty finger food, Champagne, and a relaxed atmosphere, which served as a perfect complement to the new handbag collection.

As accessories fanatics, we are more than delighted about Michelle’s spring line of handbags and clothing. From bursts of color to straw to nautical looks, her line is guaranteed to have something for everyone. In fact, despite having completely different styles, Lindsay and I agree that we love the line. (Lindsay is more edgy and urban, while I’m more feminine and classic.) We tend to agree on one thing and one thing only: we like all things that sparkle.

Afterward, we made our way to the H2O event celebrating the launch of its Sea Pure collection, a line of skincare products awarded the Natural Products Association seal. In the beauty world, getting this sort of seal is comparable to winning an Oscar! The seal is given to personal care products that contain the highest level of natural ingredients. And this night, we had the pleasure of testing, feeling, slathering, and smelling a range of all-natural, brand-new products from H2O Plus. Our favorite was the Sea Pure Perfecting Eye Cream, a fast-absorbing cream made with sea flora, amino acids, and coconut and jojoba extracts, which acts like a burst of light against tired, dark-circled eyes. The best part: the eye cream leaves a gorgeous, pearlized sheen to skin, the perfect answer to a late night out. We were hooked.

Besides playing with the new lines of products and other amazing staples, we also indulged in a deliciously fresh and tasty blueberry vodka cocktail, in my favorite shade of turquoise blue. We couldn’t leave the store until tasting one—and then drinking it to the last drop. Yum!

All in all, both events were fun! We mingled, met great people, and saw many things we now want. Conclusions from the night? I am definitely buying myself a Milly bag to rock this summer, while Lindsay is definitely buying the H2O Perfecting Eye Cream. Until next Thursday . . .
—Katrina Caspelich & Lindsay Leff

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