August 2022

How to Get the Natural Eye Look with Celebrity Makeup Artist Sue Devitt

Warmer weather means you want to keep your make-up routine clean and simple.  International celebrity makeup artist Sue Devitt shows us how to create a natural eye look in 4 easy steps and gives us lots of tips on how to get it right!


1) Use a medium neutral eye shadow to coat the eyelid with an eye base brush for softness and color.

Tip:  Apply above the crease so it doesn’t set your eyes backward.  


2) Apply ivory eye shadow right underneath the brow bone to highlight and help blend in the colors.

Tip: Blend with your fingertips for a natural-looking skin texture.


3) Define around the top and bottom lashes with a dark chocolate shade, using a lash line definer brush to subtly bring out color of the eye. Applying a touch of color underneath helps to bring out the color of your eye.

Tip: Touch-up concealer as necessary after applying eyeshadow and liner.


4) Apply a few coats of mascara.

Tip: Wiggle the brush from the root out to the tip to add both depth and volume to your lashes.


Get the Perfect Smokey Eye: How to with Celeb Make-up Artist Sue Devitt

I always love the look of a smokey eye and learned from celebrity make-up pro Sue Devitt that it is super easy to do.  Here are three easy steps that you can do at home to create this sexy, sultry look just like the celebs sport on the red carpet.

Step 1: Apply eyeshadow underneath crease with an eyebase brush.

Step 2: Add dimension to the eye with a deeper color on the outer corner with a refined eyebase brush.

Step 3: Use an eye pencil to further define the eyes on the top and bottom lash line.  Since I am obsessed with all things purple, I love Sue Devitt’s eye pencil colors Ava and Zaire.

Make-up used on me in the video: Sue Devitt’s Hydrating Marine Minerals Destination Eye Palette in the Kilimanjaro color combo and the Ava eye intensifier pencil.

How to Cover Under Eye Circles with Make-up Pro Sue Devitt

I have olive skin so I am more prone to dark under eye circles (they are also inherited). The best remedy is to get a good night sleep and learn how to best cover them up! International celebrity make-up artist Sue Devitt gave me some easy steps to diminish the “bruised” look so many of us sport under our eyes.

Covering Dark Undereye Circles:

1. Start by applying 70% Gel Foundation and corresponding Triple C-Weed Pressed Powder to achieve the perfect base.

2. Apply foundation using your finger tips in order to ensure all areas are covered. Then lightly dust Triple C-Weed Pressed Powder across the skin.

3. Only use concealer as needed, but a little Bermuda Triangle Undereye Corrector everyday can do wonders for your complexion and makes dark circles instantly disappear.

4. When targeting dark circles remember to always use a peach toned corrector because the peach hue will counteract the blue and green tones found in dark circles.

5. Make sure you start with the corrector at the very inner corner of the under eye.