December 2022

Frosty Treats for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to try a delicious treat. With temperatures rising, these frosty favorites will surely satisfy your sweet tooth and help you stay cool too!

Mochi is a Japanese ice cream that is made in bite size balls covered with pounded sticky rice. They come in many great flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, red berry, or green tea!

Soft Serve Fruit Co.
Soft Serve Fruit Co. uses only simple and fresh ingredients…natural fruit, water, and a hint of organic cane sugar. This delicious treat comes in many great flavors and is dairy free, gluten free, fat free, and best of all GUILT free! An added bonus: it’s perfect if you are vegan or kosher!

Island Way Sorbet
When I have friends over for dinner, I like to serve these creative and yummy sorbets from Island Way for dessert. Each of the eleven flavors come in their own natural bowl. My favorite is the Pina Colada, which blends pineapple and coconut into a luscious treat and is served in a natural coconut shell. The lemon is also a big hit and served in a lemon rind…I promise your guests will love them!

Sant Ambroeus Gelato
Looking for authentic gelato straight from Italy? Sant Ambroeus is the best place to get it! Their gelato is made from handcrafted recipes by expert gelato makers in Brunico, Italy. You can only find this fabulous creamy gelato at Sant Ambroeus with locations in NYC and Southampton.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Powder, $10
A California favorite, these flavored powders from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf make the best blended iced drinks I have ever tasted. If you are worried about the calories, they also make them sugar-free (you really can’t tell the difference in flavor)!

Curtailing the Crave Cave: Tips from Nutritionist Lana Levy

It’s 2:00 in the afternoon, or for some it can be 2:00 in the morning when all of a sudden you are consumed by a craving for ice cream, potato chips and other cheat foods you’re trying to ween yourself from.

When a craving hits, it can hit hard and it can hit fast, and it’s in this moment that we’ve given ourselves two options: give in or resist. If you give in to the temptation, you wind up feeling guilty and won’t even enjoy the object of your craving. If you resist all together, you end up feeling deprived and frustrated as visions of cookies dance in your head. Then, when you do eventually give in to your craving, you overindulge and wind up having way more than just one cookie– realistically it’s more like four or five.

To take control of your cravings there is actually a third and much less disclosed option available. By saying to yourself, “I can have it later” you remove the “should I or shouldn’t I” dialogue that is waging a war in your head, or driving your coworkers and friends crazy. You end the need to justify satisfying your craving or not and let yourself be for the moment. If and when you are able to postpone the craving, you will delay eating it and in the end wind up desiring it less.

The trick in convincing yourself to let the the craving pass is to create a vague time frame in the future to satisfy it. Think not, “I’ll have a cookie at 4:00,” but rather, “I’ll have that cookie later if I want it.” Postponing gives your mind the chance to cool-off, takes you out of conflict mode and combats torn feelings of guilt and deprivation. Don’t forget that postponing your craving may also give you the time to substitute a healthy food instead of the sugary snack you initially wanted.

Put your mind to the test and take control of your cravings! Remember- a mind is a terrible thing to waste!

Lana Levy is a nutritionist specializing in taking a holistic approach towards healthy eating, not only to help her clients achieve their goals, but also help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lana has also incorporated her passion for yoga into her services for her clients, as a way to stay fit, and create a balance between the body and the mind.Lana received her degree from Columbia University, where she completed her Masters in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. In 2010, Ms. Levy became a Registered Yoga Teacher through an intensive training with YogaWorks here in New York City. In 2011 she completed a Prenatal Yoga Certification.With a background in nutrition and yoga, Lana works with her clients to create customized nutrition plans and yoga sequences that are specifically tailored to their needs. Whether the goal is weight loss, healthy weight gain, energy improvement, pre and post natal health, relief from various gastrointestinal ailments, Just For Today can provide you with tools to make a change for life!
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We All Scream for PinkBerry

As a self proclaimed ice cream snob, I had heard the hype about PinkBerry—and resisted. Who needs the same old fro-yo with additional gobbledygook on top? But, on one of this summer’s 90-plus days, I walked by a PinkBerry and relented. With the first taste, I was hooked. Their soft serve is creamy and smooth with a rich yogurt-like taste that sets it apart from competitors. My favorite? Pomegranate topped with mango, blueberries, and strawberries. Other flavors include mango, watermelon, and plain. And my newest frozen obsession will be rewarded courtesy of my PinkBerry loyalty card, which earns me a freebie after 10 servings. Just give me a few days!–Caitlin O’Malley

Grom Gelateria: Chillin’ This Summer


What’s better for cooling off on a hot summer day than ice cream? Previously, I would say nothing, but then I found Grom, the Italian gelato shop. Nothing hits the spot like their homemade cones (or cups) of creamy deliciousness. I discovered it when I lived around the corner from their Florence, Italy, location. So when I found out they have locations in New York too, I brought my friends. They’ve all thanked me since. With special flavors each month alongside their traditional ones, my favorites include Bacio, basically Nutella in gelato form complete with hazelnut chips; crema di grom, their take on chocolate chip cookie dough with biscuits instead of dough; and fragola, the strawberry sorbet that is the perfect combination of fruity and creamy. Taste your way through them all this summer at 233 Bleecker at Carmine, 2165 Broadway at 76th Street, and 1796 Broadway at 58th Street. – Ariel Gononsky

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