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Exhale Spa: Free Yoga Classes Plus Advice from Their Yoga Guru

In honor of National Yoga month, Exhale Spa is celebrating their second annual namasDAY on Thursday, September 20th, with FREE yoga classes at locations nationwide. Cristi Christensen is the Yoga Director of Exhale in Los Angeles and she unleashes her passion by teaching a variety of classes and workshops there. She has studied with world-renowned fitness gurus and traveled the globe spreading her knowledge and enthusiasm for yoga and all things fitness. I caught up with Cristi after spending time with her at the amazing Exhale Spa retreat in Santa Monica last week. She gave me an insider perspective on practicing yoga and shared some of her health and beauty secrets.


MM: There are many different types of yoga classes available today. How do you differentiate between them and what are the most popular practices? Any tips on how to choose?

CC: There are many many different types of yoga; the key is finding the one that is right for you! Exhale’s yoga program falls under the Vinyasa style of yoga which is certainly amongst the most popular growing yoga in the U.S. Vinyasa is a rhythmic, flowing style of yoga with an emphasis in linking movement with breath. Vinyasa helps to not only build strength and endurance, but also enhances flexibility and brings the body and mind into a more relaxing, meditative state.


MM: What advice do you have for someone who has never taken a yoga class but is eager to try it?

CC: Start with a few beginner classes so that you can learn the basics of each one including the alignment techniques and the language; this way you can find the style that resonates with you. Let the teacher know you are new to class too so they can take extra good care of you!

MM: What yoga class do you suggest for the toughest physical challenge?

CC: Believe it or not, some of the most challenging classes I have taken have been Level 1 (beginner) as you are holding poses for a really long time! Level 2/3 classes usually move at a faster pace which definitely get your heart pumping and energy flowing! Vinyasa yoga is generally a very athletic practice- which will detoxify your body and take you to your edge!


MM: What are some of the benefits of yoga and what has it done for you personally?

CC: There are so many amazing benefits to this practice – physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually.

To name just a few…Strength, flexibility, balance, focus, youthful body and spirit, calm mind, deepen connection with self, inner peace, compassion, and joy.

Personally my yoga practice has become part of my life and lifestyle. The physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of the practice have helped me become more centered, grounded and connected into my self and my personal power. My body is as strong and subtle as it was in my athletic days and through my practice I have become more present and more joyful in each moment. My yoga practice truly feeds my mind, body and soul.


MM: Paddle boarding and surfing have become very popular and I know you enjoy mixing them with your yoga practice. How do they complement each other?

CC: Two of my passions are both yoga and surfing, and more recently I have been enjoying SUPing. There is nothing that makes you feel more alive then being totally engrossed in the present moment, and when you are in the ocean you have no choice but to be present. Yoga, in addition to building strength, body awareness and agility, helps build focus and concentration-all things you need in the water!!

Exhale Spa’s Elisabeth Halfpapp and Cristi Christensen with group from their Santa Monica retreat after a morning of paddle boarding

MM: You have the most gorgeous hair. What products do you use to keep it shiny and healthy?

CC: Thank you! I use Pureology shampoo and conditioner. I also eat a lot of avocados and coconut oil!


MM: What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?

CC: I love Keen-wah coconut almond bars, apple slices with raw almond butter, raw kale chips, and dark chocolate!


MM: How did the idea for namasDAY develop and what do you hope people get out of it?

CC: September is National Yoga Month & namasDay is all about celebrating yoga and introducing yoga to as many people as possible around the country!



Celebrate namasDAY on Thursday at your nearest Exhale Spa location. Free classes will be offered throughout the day, capping off with a celebration of live music, healthy cocktails, and giveaways in the evening.


Cristi is the Director of Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, CA, where she is a passionate yoga and Core Fusion teacher. A former elite-level gymnast and platform diver, she earned her degree in Kinesiology while training with the Olympic diving team. After an injury cut her Olympic dreams short, Cristi shifted her focus to helping others improve their level of fitness through personal training, Pilates, Core Fusion + yoga. In 2004 she joined exhale, and has since studied extensively with world-renowned teachers, including Saul David Raye, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito. Cristi has combined her teachings, practice, and bright energy into a dynamic and unique classroom style that translates into an infectious energy that her students can’t help but feel during each class. Cristi has brought this energy across the globe, leading workshops, retreats, and bringing positivity with her to every corner of the earth. When Cristi isn’t teaching, globe-trotting, or keeping exhale Venice as the number 1 ranked yoga studio, you’ll likely find her surfing, playing in her Venice backyard, or doing back flips on Venice Beach!

Interview Attire & Beauty Tips From Nicole Williams

Looking for a new job in 2012? Nicole Williams, Connection Director at LinkedIn, Author of Girl On Top, Owner of Works By Nicole Williams and regular contributor for ABC’s Primetime, Good Morning America, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Fox News and CNN, shares her tips on looking the part and standing out (not just on paper).

Common Mistakes:
Some of the most common mistakes when it comes to interviewing is in the attire. “The biggest mistakes people make are skirts that are too short or tight, too much cleavage, scuffed shoes, excessive perfume, Lady Gaga makeup, or looking like you walked off the set of Working Girl circa 1985,” Williams says. “The most important thing you bring to an interview is confidence. What you wear and how you wear it helps convey that. If you aren’t comfortable in your outfit – that will come across in an interview.”

Chic Attire:
If you think interview attire needs to be frumpy, think again. “You don’t need to wear a two piece black suit for a job interview. You need to wear your “power outfit.” Have a favorite skirt that always makes you feel great when you wear it? Why not pair that with a blazer? The days of interview uniforms are over. It’s Ok to show off your personality through your clothes – as long as you aren’t wearing a lime green mini skirt. Stick to business professional looks,” Williams says.

When it comes to beauty- stick to what you know and what looks good. “The day of a job interview is not the time to start experimenting with smoky eye makeup. Keep it simple and understated. Make sure your nails are filed and your manicure doesn’t have any chips,” Williams says.  Try a OPI Gel Manicure; it lasts up to two weeks with no chipping, smudging or cracking. When it comes to perfume, don’t over-power. “Keep your perfume to a minimum – two spritz is all you need,” Williams says. Want to add a little extra drama to your look? Williams recommends the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler $19, available at Nordstrom.

For hair, Williams recommends splurging. “Keep your hairstyle tasteful and polished. If you need extra confidence, why not spend $40 on a blowout? They are my guilty pleasure. People don’t necessarily notice when you are put together but they 100% notice when you aren’t,” she says. Check out Drybar (various locations) for a picture perfect blowout (in fun names like Manhattan and Straight Up) for $40, including the wash.

Everything You Need to Know About Jewelry this Summer:
Carol Brodie Shares Her Best-Kept Secrets

From Harry Winston to HSN, Carol Brodie has accumulated a vast knowledge of information and celebrity style tips. Her virtual jewelry boutique, Rarities Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie, can be found on HSN as can her monthly visits which feature roughly 35 to-die-for new styles at affordably fabulous price points. If you are dreaming about wearing everything on Barney’s first floor… dream no more. Carol’s collection is chock full of her favorites… which are bound to become yours. Here are her tips for summer-fabulous sparkle:

What are the best investment pieces for this summer?

Blackened jewelry will be all the rage this fall, so how about starting now by buying pieces that pair gold and silver such as the Champagne Diamond Vermeil Disc-Shaped Earrings. The Indian Mughal Dyansty was the inspiration for these earrings which celebrate the sun and the treasures of the earth. A long layering necklace is so important all year long… try this one to update every summer mini and maxi. And don’t forget the cuffs… worn single or by the pair, cuffs always provide the necessary extreme makeover!

Buy Now, Champagne Diamond Vermeil Disc-Shaped Earrings, $3169.90
Buy Now, Smoky Quartz “Circles” Necklace, $849.90
Buy Now, Gemstone and Enamel “Dragonfly” Cuff Bracelet, $519.90

What is the one piece of jewelry that you never take off?

My obsession with the evil eye and hamsa hand go way back to summer holidays in Israel and Greece. My diamond evil eyes have so much become my signature that I am just launching my first ever Swiss-Made timepiece with the iconic design brilliantly sparkling on the dial. You can never wear too many talismans and I always suggest that the hamsa and evil eye should be worn together for maximum style and protection.

Buy Now, Champagne Diamond “Hamsa” Bangle Bracelet, $129.90
Buy Now, Blue Lapis and Sapphire “Evil Eye” Charm Bracelet, $224.90

What do you suggest we do to clean our jewelry in the summer?

My favorite summer secret is the jewelry bath. Gemstone and diamond jewelry gets dirty very quickly with sunscreens, soap and moisturizers. Mix the solution: 1 part ammonia, 1 part dishwashing liquid and 2 parts warm water. Bathe your jewelry (except woods, opaque gems and pearls) 10-15 minutes and use a soft tooth brush to gently wipe away the dirt. Rinse with cool water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Your jewelry will sparkle like new. For all other jewelry like coral, turquoise, wood and pearls, use a soft damn cloth to clean away the residues that are dulling the pieces.

Can we wear gold and silver together?

One of my favorite things to do is to mix and match my jewelry – old and new alike. I love to layer. I start with an antique piece or one that is black rhodium accented. I layer in yellow gold, rose gold and silver pieces to create a thoroughly modern look. Don’t be scared to experiment… I wear every color and texture of gold and silver as long as I have one estate or oxidized piece to pull it all together like this Diamond Rose Vermeil “Fleur De Lis” Ring.

Buy Now, Diamond Rose Vermeil “Fleur De Lis” Ring, $359.90

I know you love to layer, any tips?

One of the things I’ve learned is to keep jewelry in PROPORTION. Choose one big piece and build from there. If you are wearing a chandelier or a long earring, choose a long necklace – 30 inches or more – to compliment the look and keep everything in proportion. Long and layered is a great way to get a big look while still wearing fine jewelry. Cuffs are my personal obsession, but when you wear them I would skip the rings and keep the focus on an important earring. With bead bracelets or bangles, the more the merrier. Stack them up half way to your elbow for drama and impact!

Buy Now, Cultured Freshwater Pearl 37″ Necklace, $589.90

I lost my favorite earring at the beach, any suggestions?

Repurpose your jewelry — there is nothing worse than the single or ORPHAN EARRING lying at the bottom of your jewelry box. If you have lost an earring with sentimental or monetary value, take the other to your local, jewelry repair shop and have them turn your orphan earring into a pendant, charm or ring.

Buy Now, Diamond Vermeil “Peace/Snake” Pendant, $279.90

To see everything presented on air you can tune in to watch Carol Brodie on HSN on Sunday, June 19th from 11am – 2pm and again at 9pm on Sunday night. Be sure to check out and order your favorite pieces on line. Styles sell out very quickly and she does not bring them back as they are true Rarities!


The road from Harry Winston to HSN was pavéd in diamonds… Carol Brodie, International Jewelry Expert and host of Rarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie on HSN, has transformed her career from luxury to HSN working with some of the world’s most exclusive brands along the way.Under the leadership of CEO Mindy Grossman, Brodie joined HSN in 2009 where she delivers a message of empowerment combined with a profound knowledge and expertise of jewelry to women of all ages. Leveraging the power of social media and her on-air success, Brodie has been able to reinvent herself from a luxury branding expert and advisor into an electronic superstar becoming one of the top-sellers in the fine jewelry category and gaining a loyal and devoted following of fans and consumers.
Prior to joining HSN, Carol was Chief Luxury Officer of CurtCo Media, publisher to a family of titles targeted to the world’s most affluent readers including Robb Report, Worth, Showboats International and Art & Antiques. In this exclusive position, Brodie lead strategic partnerships, special events, promotions and targeted marketing and public relations initiatives to position CurtCo’s most influential magazines as the voice of the international luxury marketplace.
Prior to joining CurtCo, Brodie was Global Director of Communications for world-renowned jeweler Harry Winston. During her eight years there, Brodie was credited with expanding the reach and image of the old-world brand to appeal to a younger clientele and introducing the concept of red-carpet dressing.
In addition to her work with some of the world’s most prominent brands, Carol Brodie is a sought-after speaker at conferences worldwide on subjects ranging from luxury marketing to international branding. She is also a recognized media personality appearing as a correspondent on Extra, as a style expert on E! Style Court and ABC’s Extreme Makeover as well as frequent appearances on The Bachelor, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition, Today in New York, CNBC, CNN and Martha Stewart Weddings earning her the moniker: ‘The Queen of Luxury’. In 2004, Kiplinger’s named Brodie The Queen of Diamonds a name that has defined her expertise in the fine jewelry industry.
Previous to joining Harry Winston in 1997, Brodie spent four years as a partner at award-winning advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, where she managed the Diamond Information Center on behalf of De Beers Consolidated Mines. Not just limited to diamonds, Ms. Brodie has helped build luxury and beauty brands such as Barnes and Noble, Faberge, Ivanka Trump, Clairol, Revlon Professional Products, Maybelline, Matrix and Gucci Timepieces.
Ms. Brodie’s personal interests involve philanthropy, gemology and international travel. She maintains positions on the committees of several prominent charities including The Boy’s and Girl’s Club, The Chron’s & Colitis Foundation of America and the Food Allergy Initiative. She resides in Fairfield, Connecticut, Palm Beach, Florida and Manhattan, New York with her two children, Noah and Grant.





Trish McEvoy: How Do You Want To Dress Your Face?

Interview by Lindsay Leff

Lindsay Leff: How did you become interested in the beauty business?
Trish McEvoy: My grandmother owned a perfumery in Berlin. It was such a fascination for me as a little girl, seeing these women come in looking one way and walking out feeling another. Some didn’t wear makeup, some did. It’s about transformation, looking one way and feeling another.

LL: And the perfume?
Trish McEvoy: The fragrance piece is also such an influence. I can walk into a room and remember the scents of my mother or my grandmother, and it’s just a wonderful memory. Memories are so important.

LL: How did you become a professional makeup artist?
Trish McEvoy: I have always been very good at applying makeup. I taught myself by working behind a makeup counter. I went from that to doing makeup parties and home visits, to photo shoots, to the Academy Awards, and then back to people’s homes, back to makeup parties.

LL: Why start your own line?
Trish McEvoy: I was a makeup artist for 6 years before I started my brand. And I didn’t decide to be a brand, I decided to work for myself. I wanted to give clients these wonderful makeup brushes I developed. I went to an art supply store, got sable and boar brushes, and cut them. I was really looking at which textures worked with which bristles, and I was the first makeup artist in the United States who did this. The only other makeup line with brushes was Shu Uemura in Japan. What’s so wonderful is that we were fulfilling a woman’s needs. Makeup can be so amazing, but it can also be so intimidating. Using the right brushes saves the day—they make everyone able to do great makeup.

LL: What makeup brushes should every woman own?
Trish McEvoy: When choosing brushes, I always ask, “How much time do you have, and how many pieces do you use?” That goes for makeup brushes, that goes for makeup itself. You have to really look at your lifestyle. It really depends on your makeup style and how you want to dress your face.

LL: How did you develop the rest of your cosmetic line?
Trish McEvoy: After the brush line, my husband and I started one of the first mini-spas in New York City—the Dr. Ronald Sherman/Trish McEvoy Skin Care Center. That was truly revolutionary; a doctor in the same practice as a skincare specialist and makeup artist was unheard of. Then there was our fragrance and classic makeup, and last foundations.

LL: When did you start your line?
Trish McEvoy: I started my line when I was 25, and I was married when I was 29. The dermatology influence in the skincare and makeup comes from my husband. We were one of the first lines to truly combine cosmeceutical-range makeup, where you’re adding ingredients that make a difference—peptides in foundation, skin boosters in our treatment foundations. We were one of the first to put sunscreen in our products.

LL: Other innovations?
Trish McEvoy: We were the first to come out with the pocket-sized palettes—about 10 years ago. And we were also one of the first that made them refillable. People want customization, to pick and choose. We’re always thinking into the future. What was, was. But what are we doing today? Today is truly about making it much simpler for the consumer.

LL: Do you have a signature product?
Trish McEvoy: I’m known for brushes, for my makeup planner, my skincare, and fragrances. But it depends on the clients. Some only buy the skincare, some only buy the fragrance, and some only buy the color. We do have cult followings for certain items like our fragrances or planner. We have had a patent on it for 13 years now.

LL: What are your bestsellers?
Trish McEvoy: Our brushes, the Even Skin Beta Hydroxy Pads, the Beauty Booster Serum, the Deluxe Naturally Irresistible Collection Ready-To-Wear Makeup Planner, and the N° 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk and Sexy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk fragrances. And seasonally, our holiday collections.

LL: Which products are must-haves?

Trish McEvoy: The collections that we do 2 times a year. They make a difference for that particular season. They are coveted. When they hit the stores, there’s already a waiting list for them. Everything in one set, full directions to follow, and really Trish’s picks.

LL: What’s new for the holidays?
Trish McEvoy: For the holidays, we came out with a fragrance set, rollerball fragrances, a mini-brush set, a compact travel set, and our Mobile Beauty Emergency and Beauty Emergencies Cards.

LL: What are your favorite products?
Trish McEvoy: My Eye Base Essential, my mascaras, the Classic Eye Pencil, Flawless Concealer, my cream foundations, fragrances, and of course, the brushes.

LL: What is the signature Trish McEvoy makeup look?
Trish McEvoy: Natural but enhanced. The more transparent the makeup, the wider range it covers, making it wearable for women.

LL: Who wears Trish McEvoy?
Trish McEvoy: It’s very transgenerational, very transcultural. I pinch myself every day. We were at Selfridges in London recently, and you look at my counter and you’ve got 15-year-olds and you’ve got 50-year-olds. Look at our N° 9 fragrance—there are women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s who wear it. Most of what we make is totally transgenerational and mood-oriented.

LL: Do you still do makeup for celebrities?
Trish McEvoy: I do more red carpet than photo shoots. I love the diversity of Angelina Jolie, Judi Dench, and Vanessa Redgrave. But my favorite part about being in the makeup industry is doing classes here with women who are mystified by cosmetics. I still do one-on-ones with clients.

LL: If you weren’t doing this, what would you do?
Trish McEvoy: Even If I wasn’t paid, I would still do makeup!

LL: What is your personal makeup look for day? Night?
Trish McEvoy: It’s about dressing your face. For day, go sheerer with lighter, more casual makeup and maybe just a bit of eyeliner. For night, you can be more extreme because the lighting is more forgiving. But I never go out without makeup on.

LL: What is best and worst about makeup?
Trish McEvoy: The best part about makeup is the transformation and how it can make you feel. I don’t think there is a worst part about makeup. I love everything about it!

LL: What are your makeup tips and tricks?
Trish McEvoy: Always brighten your eyes by applying a highlighter on your upper lids. Don’t apply concealer under your eyes, apply it in shadows of the eye, spots that are darker. Always curl your lashes. Blend liner into your lipstick so it’s more natural looking, and always wear a little coverage on your skin.

LL: What’s in your makeup bag?
Trish McEvoy: Elnett, big tooth combs, a 3X and 5X magnified mirror, Stephen Knoll conditioner, Kérastase shampoo, Colgate Wisps, Velcro rollers, and Essie Nail Polish in Mademoiselle.

LL: What should every woman have in her makeup bag?
Trish McEvoy: My Eye Base Essential, eyeliner, crease shadow, brow kit, concealer, bronzer, blush, lip liner, lip color, and mascara.

LL: Describe a typical day.
Trish McEvoy: I am up at 5 a.m., conference calls at around 6:45 a.m., and then my day starts. I make a few phone calls, stop by the skincare center and our stores, visit the distribution center, and maybe do a few interviews. I have early business lunches or eat at my desk. I’ll go to London for a day sometimes, make lab visits, and spend time in the field. But in all honesty, there is no typical day for an entrepreneur.

Buy Trish McEvoy Refillable Double-Decker Palettes, $15-$25


Buy Trish McEvoy Refillable Double-Decker Palettes, $15–$25, at

  • Mirrored, refillable compacts
  • Holds your choice of eyeshadow, bronzer, powder, and blush
  • Available in small, medium, or large
  • Perfect for touch-ups on the go

Shop the Full Story:
Trish McEvoy: How Do You Want to Dress Your Face?
Interview by Lindsay Leff

Buy Trish McEvoy Sexy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk, $52


Buy Trish McEvoy Sexy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk, $52 (15ml), $98 (50ml), at

  • Combines the scent of N° 9 with Amazon lilies, patchouli, and amber
  • Also available in body lotion
  • For a bolder personality, a richer and sweeter scent than N° 9

Shop the Full Story:
Trish McEvoy: How Do You Want to Dress Your Face?
Interview by Lindsay Leff

Buy Trish McEvoy N° 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk, $50


Buy Trish McEvoy N° 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk, $50 (15ml), $80 (50ml), at

  • Sweet blackberries and vanilla mixed with musk and white rose
  • Also available in body lotion
  • A light, fresh, sweet, and fruity scent

Shop the Full Story:
Trish McEvoy: How Do You Want to Dress Your Face?
Interview by Lindsay Leff

Buy Trish McEvoy Pocketable Fragrance Sexy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk, $25


Buy Trish McEvoy Pocketable Fragrance Sexy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk, $25, at

  • Comes in black organza drawstring pouch
  • Also available in Sexy 4 Gardenia, and N° 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk

Shop the Full Story:
Trish McEvoy: How Do You Want to Dress Your Face?
Interview by Lindsay Leff

Buy Trish McEvoy Mobile Beauty Emergency, $68


Buy Trish McEvoy Mobile Beauty Emergency, $68, at

  • Black quilted phone case with hidden makeup compartment
  • Holds a phone or Deluxe Refillable Double-Decker Compact
  • Comes with a beauty palette for touch-ups and 2 lucite-handled brushes

Shop the Full Story:
Trish McEvoy: How Do You Want to Dress Your Face?
Interview by Lindsay Leff

Buy Trish McEvoy Even Skin Beta Hydroxy Pads, $65


Buy Trish McEvoy Even Skin Beta Hydroxy Pads, $65, at

  • Exfoliates dead skill cells and increases new cell turnover time
  • Reveals newer, smoother, and more radiant skin
  • Gentle enough to use daily or once a week

Shop the Full Story:
Trish McEvoy: How Do You Want to Dress Your Face?
Interview by Lindsay Leff

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