August 2022

Why I Love Women

By Jay Godfrey, Guest Editor


My name is Jay Godfrey, and I am a womenswear designer. I have been married for just under 5 years and working in the fashion industry for about as long. My life is surrounded by women! My team is overwhelmingly female as is my home, now that my little angel, Allegra—6 months old—is in our lives.

Why I Design Women’s Clothes
I love seeing women wearing something beautiful. I felt there was a great deal missing in the women’s market, especially something that was truly designer in feeling but contemporary in price point.

My First Crush
Claudia Schiffer.

I Always Fall For
My type was always blonde, but I married a beautiful brunette!

The Woman Who Has Had the Strongest Influence on Me
Definitely my mom! She is a tough-love type of woman. She taught me to always give it to people straight and never beat around the bush.

The Most Beautiful Woman I’ve Ever Met
In fashion, you meet all sorts of beautiful women. But truly—and I know this sounds cliché—external beauty only goes so far, because everyone (I mean everyone) gets old and loses their looks at some point! So it’s important to surround yourself by beautiful people who have beautiful souls as well.

The Most Beautiful Woman I’ve Never Met
January Jones.

My Favorite Part of a Woman’s Body
I am not a typical guy in that respect. I am not a leg guy, a butt guy, or a boob guy. As long as it’s all in proportion, I love!

I’ll Do a Double Take on the Street When I See a Woman
Wearing Azzedine Alaia.
Who looks effortless in her personal style.
Dressed as man.
Looking like Mick Jagger.

I Love to See a Woman Wearing
A white bikini.

My Favorite Perfume on a Woman
Chanel Mademoiselle.

What Women Wear that Men Wish They Wouldn’t

5 Things I Love Most About Women
Their long hair.
Their legs.
Their soft skin.
The fact that they are not men.
The fact that they put up with me.

What I Wish I Understood About Women
Not touching this question. I wish I understood more☺.

I’m Jealous of Women Because
They have better clothes.

5 Things Women Should Know About Men
Men rarely want to be just friends.
Men rarely want to be just friends.
Men rarely want to be just friends.
Men rarely want to be just friends.
Men rarely want to be just friends.

My Favorite First Date
My wife and I were set up on a blind date. We both went in with zero expectations. Got drunk. Talked all night. I then dropped her off at her apartment. Went home and then called to tell her how much fun I had.

I Knew My Wife Was the One When
On our third date (while she was still living in Canada), I flat out told her that if she could not see herself living in New York City in the intermediate term, then we shouldn’t continue dating. She didn’t even flinch!

My 3 Favorite Things About My Wife
She’s incredibly charming in every which way.
She has the kindest heart.
She’s the best mother.

5 Things My Wife Taught Me About Women
Women love jewelry.
Women like to be taken out to dinner on weekends.
Women adore it when you are spontaneous.
Women are clean.
Women don’t drink out of beer bottles.

My Favorite Gifts to Give a Woman
A men’s Rolex watch.
Shoes—especially if they are by Louboutin, Brian Atwood, or Nicholas Kirkwood.
A surprise trip to Bali.
Something chic to keep her warm.

The Gifts I Want from My Wife
I have everything I already need. But maybe another child in due course.

How I Plan to Spend Valentine’s Day
Definitely a fancy-schmantzy dinner with great wine and flowers!

The Most Important Things I’ve Learned from Women
Go to the doctor for a check-up once a year.
Edit your closet.
Invest in quality.

I’m Turned Off By Women Who
Don’t bathe, don’t get their toes pedicured, and only talk about fashion.

3 Things Women Should Always Expect from a Man
Presents on Valentine’s Day.
To carry her luggage when it’s too heavy.
To pay for dinner (my dad taught me this at 12 years of age).

3 Things Women Should Never Expect from a Man
To be emotional. It’s just not likely to happen.
To care about dirt like you do.
To not want to go out with the boys once in a while.

Men Think Women Like
To be “picked up” in bars.

I Love Having Women as Friends Because
They don’t want to talk about football all day☺.

What Men Wish Women Did More/Less
Men like when women go out with the girls. This gives them an excuse to go out with the boys. Men wish women spent less money on their hair☺.

What I Love to Talk About with Women

What I Never Talk About with Women

The Most Romantic Thing I’ve Ever Done for a Woman
I made my wife dinner on our first Valentine’s Day. I had no idea how to cook.

The Most Romantic Thing a Woman Has Ever Done for Me
My wife makes me breakfast every morning. Nuff said.

Why I Love Women
They are sweet, aggressive, passionate, charming, feminine, reckless, careful, thoughtful, whimsical, soft. Men aren’t.

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