September 2023

Designer Fashions for Your Gadgets

Spring is right around the corner, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is here…and a girl needs functional fashion during one of the chicest times of the year. Lucky for you and your attached-to-your-ears-and-fingers phone, top designers like Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Juicy Couture and more have come out with super-cute smartphone clutches!

Nothing says you’re a saucy stylista like toting the Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet in Red ($79.95). This red patent-leather clutch wallet features pocket space for several IDs and credit cards, along with an opening for all ports (making it easy to charge while inside the clutch). Plus, it’s compatible with iPhone® 3G, iPhone® 3GS and iPhone® 4!

Fabulous Doggie Fashion

It’s no secret that we here at PageDaily love fashion.  So it should come as no surprise that we like to keep our pups looking stylish too! Whether you have a posh Poodle, chic Chihuahua or luxury-loving Labrador, there’s no reason humans should get to have all the fun with fashion. Here are our picks for the pampered pooch in your life.

We were introduced to the adorable Thundershirt by PageDaily founder Melissa Meyers. Her darling Shih Tzu Cinnamon gets the shakes during stormy weather, and this snug and comforting top is the only thing that calms her down short of doggie Prozac. Cinnamon also likes to sport her pink skull and crossbones collar.

Buy Now, Thundershirt, $36
Buy Now, Pink Skull and Crossbones Collar, $12.

For more posh petwear, we’re loving this cozy (and washable!) polka dot dog sweater from Mackenzie-Childs. This sweater is perfect when paired with an adorable pair of Ugg-style dog boots.

Buy Now, Mackenzie-Childs Polka Dot Dog Sweater, $65
Buy Now, Ugg-Style Dog Boots, $17.

TIGI is one of our favorite salon haircare brands, but did you know they make products for your dog, too?  Shampoo and condition your canine’s coat with TIGI (for dogs!) Cleansing Products. Kiehl’s is another one of our go-to beauty brands.  If you want a spa-quality pet grooming product, their Cuddly Coat shampoo is a must.

Buy Now, TIGI Cleansing Products, $18
Buy Now, Kiehl’s Cuddly Coat Shampoo, $17

Everyone loves to get a gift in a little blue box.  Whether it’s Fido’s birthday or just because, the Sniffany & Co Soft Toy makes a delightful present…and chew toy!

Buy Now, Sniffany & Co Soft Toy, $15

And speaking of special occasions, what better way to celebrate than with cookies?  These cupcake and bone-shaped birthday cookies are adorable and dog friendly.

Buy Now, Shaped Birthday Cookies, $6-9

Lots of pet-loving designers and brands have dabbled in dog designing. One of our favorites is Juicy Couture’s line for dogs. Check out this adorable containericon to house all of their toys.

Buy Now, Juicy Couture Toy Container, $65icon

It can be hard to find any large bag that is still chic, let alone one to fit your pooch in. Unsurprisingly, Michael Kors has created a pet carrier with true panache.

Buy Now, Michael Kors Pet Carrier, $192

For the super sophisticated canine, both Louis Vuitton and Hermes make gorgeous, luxe collars.  If your go-to handbag is a Speedy or a Birkin, why not treat your pet too?

Buy Now, Louis Vuitton Collar, $305
Hermes Collar, $390

For a more affordable dose of doggie designer, we adore this chic leash by Marc Jacobs. If you’re craving a little more glamour for your pup, this leopard leash is perfect.  It’s ideal for the eco-friendly pet owner because it is made with recycled materials.  We love this look with the matching collar.

Buy Now, Marc Jacobs Leash, $25
Buy Now, Leopard Leash, $25

If you prefer that your dog wears a harness instead of a leash, Puppia Harnesses come in an array of colors and sizes to choose from.  Harnesses were created for smaller dogs, in order to protect their necks from too much strain and tugging, as well as from slipping out of collars while on walks.

Buy Now, Puppia Harnesses, $21

It’s National Sunglasses Day!
Protect Your Eyes With These Chic Shades

Are you protecting your eyes this summer with fashionable shades? Summer is finally here so don’t leave home without your favorite pair of chic sunglasses!  Today is National Sunglasses Day and PageDaily is here to the rescue to make sure you have that go-to, can’t-leave-the-house-without -‘em, pair of shades that will protect your eyes and keep you looking fabulous.

It is super important to protect your eye area from the harmful UV rays to keep you looking youthful. According to dermatologists, the skin around your eyes is most often the first place to show deep wrinkles due to squinting, so you definitely want to keep your sunglasses on whenever you’re out!

My all-time favorite pair of sunglasses is the Ray-Ban Aviators.  These aviators are perfect for all different face shapes, which means they will look great on anyone!  The lenses are polarized green and the frame is gold, which really makes them pop.  This pair of Ray-Ban aviators is truly a great accessory for any look you’re going for this summer.  I also like the silver frames depending on what you are wearing.

1. Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Polarized Classic Aviator

Buy Now, $189.00


Check out a few other favorite picks for this summer!


2. GUESS Sunglasses, Square with Logo G

Buy Now, $58.00



3. Juicy Couture Glimmer/S

Buy Now, $120


4. Tom Ford ‘Anais’ Open Temple Sunglasses

Buy Now, $450



5. Oliver Peoples Lipsofire Sunglasses

Buy Now, $310



6. SALT. Lennox Sunglasses

Buy Now, $375



7. Topshop Chocolate Two-Tone Flat Top Sunglasses

Buy Now, $32