May 2022

After the Oscar Fashion Stylist Leaves, Who Do Starlets Turn To?


Big girls glam it up when it comes to the Oscar red-carpet—the Oscar dress, the red-carpet jewelry. But what are Hollywood’s hottest actresses wearing the morning after? For everyday celebrity jewelry, they go Barbie. Barbie jewelry means never having to say goodbye to your childhood favorite. How kid-chic cool is that? So excited we could just plant a big wet one on Ken!

Barbie Rocks for Big Girls, Too
By Layna Friedman, Guest Editor

I Got the Idea for the Barbie Rocks by Layna and Alan Jewelry Collection When
We designed a beautiful pink diamond pendant to be auctioned for the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation.

Celebrities Wearing the Barbie Rocks Line Include
The Kardashian sisters, Heidi Klum, Selena Gomez, Denise Richards and her daughters, Teri Hatcher and daughter, Leighton Meester, and many more.

Stars Love Barbie Because
The sweetness of the collection, the feminine quality, and that Barbie brings us back to our childhood while addressing our big-girl love of diamonds and precious metals. Everyone I meet has a Barbie story. Some spent hours dressing her and imagining her various careers. One day she was a nurse, another day a vet. She was a fashion model, a housewife, a mermaid, and an athlete. She made everything look glamorous and fun and inspired, and she empowered little girls. Guys have great stories about taking Barbie on a date with their GI Joe or a superhero action figure.

The Celebs Love Barbie Rocks Pieces, Such As
The rose gold and pink sapphire pendant, the black-diamond silhouette pendant, and the cognac pendant. The custom vintage oval pendant with pink and white diamonds in a full silhouette is also very popular.

The Barbie Rocks Collection Also Includes
Sterling silver pendants, bracelets, and dog tags from $74 to $395, as well as 14k- and 18k-gold jewelry, such as a diamond ponytail holder for $895. The luxe pendants have pink and yellow sapphires or black, white, and cognac diamonds; and the custom vintage pieces have pink diamonds—all $1,400 and up.

Barbie Rocks Jewelry Gives Back, Donating
5% percent of all sales worldwide to the Children Affected by AIDs Foundation, and jewelry to its annual Dream Halloween auction.

My Favorite Pieces in the Collection
Are the pendants with the natural-colored diamonds, and the triple-charm bracelet with the most adorable shoe, with green tsavorites and an 18k-gold and pink-enamel bow, and a tiny purse in white gold with blue and pink sapphires.

I Love Barbie Because
She was a special friend growing up, and now my daughter Nicole-Juliet and I have a special bond knowing she is growing up with the same inspirational doll. We love to wear matching jewelry pieces, and I love to share with my girlfriends as well.

If a Barbie Doll Were Named for Me, It Would Be
Romance Barbie.

Being on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Was
Fun and we loved Taylor’s enthusiasm for the collection. The little girls were so excited to receive the round silhouette pendant as party favors. They all wore them at the party.

I Am Currently
Expanding the line—with Ken’s upcoming birthday and “wanting Barbie back,” look for some very special pieces.

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Kid-Chic Style—Let Your Inner Barbie Loose

By Lindsay Hahn


Remember when you couldn’t wait to grow up? Now, you just reminisce about when you were younger? Snap out of it! While you may be all grown up, you can always be a kid-at-heart! These 10 kid-chic finds will bring you back to comic books and Barbie dress-up. The only difference—those kiddie favorites have gotten trendy makeovers. What was once kiddie is now cool.

Embrace Your Inner Child with Kid-Chic Style.

1. From Little Girls to Kid-Chic Celebrities, We Are All Barbie Girls
Now you can be a Barbie Girl at any age. With celebrity fans like Leighton Meester, Teri Hatcher, and Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, celebs just can’t get enough of this Barbie Rocks Collection. And really, what could be more fabulous than Barbie?! This Barbie-inspired jewelry collection by Layna and Alan Friedman will leave you looking fabulous whether you’re playing house or painting the town red!
Buy Barbie Round Sterling Silver Silhouette Pendant, $95, at

2. Kid-Chic Beauty Products Inspired by Wonder Woman
Fight your Plain Jane look with a superhero POW to your hum-drum makeup routine. BAM it bold! MAC’s new Wonder Woman collection offers that pop of color you’ve been craving, just in time for spring. Go from demure demoiselle to fierce glamazon with this collection, so don’t be shy about trying dark blue eyeshadows and colored mascaras.
Watch the Video Spring Makeup Trend: How to Get the Bronze Look video featuring MAC Pro makeup artist Chantel Miller.
Buy MAC Wonder Woman Eye Shadow X4 in Lady Justice, $40, at
Buy MAC Wonder Woman Nail Lacquer in Spirit of Truth, $15, at
Buy MAC Wonder Woman Opulash in black, $15, at

3. Hello Kitty Purrs with Kid-Chic Cool
Say hello to this new Hello Kitty fragrance. Hello Kitty, that iconic collectible loved by little girls and big, is just the right mix of sophisticated and downright adorable. So, what’s this fab cat’s signature scent? A mix of all things sweet, sparkly, and pretty. Think tart green apple, Japanese fruits, rich florals, with a hint of warm vanilla. You won’t be able to resist this fragrance, especially since it comes in an elegantly kitschy Hello Kitty glass bottle with a crystalline bow! That’s one cool kitty!
Buy Hello Kitty Eau de Parfum, $55, at

4. It’s That Kid-Chic Cutie, Minnie Mouse
Let Minnie be your muse! From a classic cartoon to a modern mouse, the Minnie Mouse limited-edition collection at Forever 21 is anything but childish. You’ll sparkle in this sequined dress. With its scoop neck and Minnie’s face in silhouette on the front, you’ll be ready to meet your Mickey.
Buy Forever 21 Sequin Racerback Minnie Dress, $29.80, at

5. Give Your Kid-Chic a Slap on the Wrist
Think back to the ’90s, when “slap wraps” or slap-bracelets were at their peak. They’re baaack! This time, with a sleek, fashionable upgrade. TKO silicon watch bands are interchangeable. Buy a watch face and pop it into a variety of colored bands—mix and match to your heart’s content. What could be better? The bands are waterproof, so you can take them anywhere!
Buy TKO Slappers, $50, at

6. Kid-Chic Tech Gear
Your favorite childhood toy takes a techie turn, transforming your iPad into a red Etch A Sketch with this iPad case, the latest must-have tech accessory. The retractable kickstand makes typing easy. This retro chic case is available for your iPhone or iPod Touch, too. Looking for the complete kid-chic experience? Download the Etch A Sketch app!
Buy Headcase Etch A Sketch Hard Case for iPad, $39, at

7. Pop on Some Ring Bling for Sweet Kid-Chic
Bring out the bling with this ring pop! Rock the candy classic without the cavity-causing temptation. Read: no calories. From sweet to chic, this ring is studded with Swarovski crystals and available in fun, electric colors, such as neon blue and bubble gum pink. Don’t be fooled though. This ring is identical to its candy counterpart—same size, same shape—minus the yummy flavor. But it makes one sweet accessory!
Buy Pretty in Pink Watermelon Ring Pop Resin Ring, $36, at

8. Kid-Chic Comic Books Come Through in a Clutch
Are you a Betty or a Veronica? Maybe Josie and the Pussycats was more your style. And let’s not start on that crush you had on Batman. If you loved your Saturday cartoons and your comic books, you’ll love these handbags—eco-fabulous and kid-chic. Made from recycled comic books, each clutch is one of a kind, tear-resistant, and comes with a detachable handle.
Buy Moonlite Comics Clutch, $47.25, at

9. Classic Game Turns Kid-Chic Chain
Admit it. You loved to play the classic kids’ game, Barrel O’ Monkeys, creating chains of chimps to see who could connect the most to win. Well, start monkeying around again with this sterling-silver statement necklace, cast from the original iconic monkeys.
Buy Perpetual Kid Barrel O’ Monkeys Necklace, $49.99, at

10. It’s Kid-Chic to Play with Your Food
Go ahead, play with your food! It’s hard to resist with this plate, styled after Wolly Willy. Let your inner artist run free as you accessorize—condiments are key! Go for some mashed potato hair, a cherry tomato necklace, maybe some ketchup-enhanced cheeks. After you complete your masterpiece—and eat it—this ceramic plate gets a clean face in the dishwasher. Lots of fun, easy clean-up!
Buy Mrs. Food Face Plate, $14, at

Do you feel your inner child smiling now?

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