February 2023

Fashion Websites You Should Know About

We all know how hard it is to find the time to go shopping. By the time you make it to the store to pick up this season’s must-have item, it’s sold out. To assist you, we are introducing you to our favorite new fashion e-commerce sites to make sure that you achieve your summer wardrobe for the best price with just a few clicks.



Everyone has such a demanding schedule these days that scheduling a shopping trip with friends is not as easy as it used to be. Thank goodness for WingTipIt, a site that allows us to virtually shop and connect with our friends, family, and other trendsetters. WingTipIt was founded by Columbia Business School graduates Kimberly Karpf Skelton and Carla Holtze, who wanted to create an improved way for shoppers to connect online and mimic the fun, social, in-store shopping experience. As Holtze says, “For many people shopping is very much about sharing and getting feedback from those you trust. Up until now, it has been challenging for online shoppers to get the second opinions that they need prior to purchase in a quick, simple and realistic way.” WingTipIt allows us to save and see any online product in our “closet” as well as view our friends’ “closets.” We can also share products, generate wish lists, and obtain shopping advice from friends and family. Best of all, once we get the approval from our friends we can effortlessly purchase the product, as the site has more than 100 affiliate retail partners, including Bloomingdale’s and Bluefly. WingTipIt brings your  together online through a social shopping community.



Online sample sales put the excitement back into shopping without aggressive crowds and fights over the last pair of size-7 shoes on the table. MyNines is a free service offering shoppers one convenient location to discover designer products from various sample sale sites. Instead of going to five different sites a day, you can log onto MyNines and see products collected from over 80 sites at 40-90 percent off during a time frame of 24-72 hours. Users can search and filter by designer, category, price range, sales ending soonest, most viewed items, deals under $100, and newly listed. Using MyNines will assure that you are always “dressed to the nines.”

Sole Society



Sole Society and ShoeDazzle are subscription-based shoe delivery services. Both are sites that provide quality and on-trend shoes. Members’ picks are based on in-depth questionnaires completed at registration.

On ShoeDazzle, once members complete their questionnaires stylists will create their first selections. On the first of every month members will receive a new style selection and can pick their shoes of choice. Subscribers can also request alternate selections and are under no obligation to purchase – simply select the Skip This Month Option and you won’t be charged the $39.95 monthly fee for that month.


Within 24 hours of completing their questionnaires, Sole Society members will begin receiving a selection of monthly recommendations, be able choose a pair of shoes for $49.95 a month, select alternatives, or even opt out. Similar to ShoeDazzle, there’s no obligation to purchase.

The main difference between the two sites is the price-per-month for ShoeDazzle and Sole Society. Likewise, with ShoeDazzle members get the impression they are working alongside glitzy Kim Kardashian and Los Angeles stylists.

Send the Trend


Send the Trend


If you have an affection for jewelry and shopping but dislike going to overwhelming department stores and sifting through all the merchandise, make sure to visit these three online retailers that bring personalization to fashion accessories. At Send the Trend, BaubleBar, and JewelMint, consumers can find the right selection, excellent customer service, and picture-perfect piece without hassle. Both Send the Trend and JewelMint additionally take each member through a style assessment to evaluate which trends would best fit him or her, then offer a monthly list of curated and personalized recommendations of items available for purchase.

Send the Trend, curated by “Project Runway” designer Christian Siriano, offers its customers affordable accessories, such as fashion jewelry, sunglasses, and scarves. At Send the Trend, fashion experts are able to answer any style inquiries, provide individual recommendations, and keep a woman on trend with must-have accessories.

BaubleBar prices pieces based on quality and materials, allowing consumers to splurge on certain trends and save on others. If a consumer is uncertain how to wear an item, he or she can go to BaubleBar’s Lookbook for general outfit and shoe recommendations.


JewelMint, created by Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter, is captivating many fashion trendsetters with its large selection of beautiful jewelry. The monthly members-only jewelry site offers custom-made, trendy jewel selections centered on your individual style.


StyleMint (launching in July 2011)
With its debut set for July, StyleMint will work in the same way as the other monthly membership sites. After taking a personality and style quiz, StyleMint will recommend purchase selections that a member can choose to either buy into or not every month. Founded by fashion icons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the principal collection will consist of a variety of eight T-shirt styles in a choice of solids and stripes, selling for $29.99 each. As Ashley Olsen told WWD, “Online commerce is the perfect medium for us to create a brand that is as much about the clothing as it is about the customer experience.” StyleMint’s parent company, BeachMint (http://www.beachmint.com), plans to further develop its gamut of monthly clubs comprising of beauty, footwear, home, and wellness.

Whatever Works, Woody

By Jennifer Wright

Woody Allen’s new film Whatever Works proved to be a kick-off highlight of The TriBeCa Film Festival. In addition to the notable cast members, the premiere drew celebrities such as Debra Messing, Robert DeNiro, Mary Kate Olsen, Harvey Keitel and Charlie Rose. However, the true star of the evening was Woody Allen himself.


Everyone at the Festival seemed universally delighted that Woody’s latest film was set in his native New York once more. His most recent movies, such as Match Point and Vicky Cristina Barcelona were set abroad – and have earned him great critical reception.  However, everyone shared Debra Messing’s sentiment when she said, “If there’s a film maker who captures New York, it’s Woody Allen”.


Watching the film, I couldn’t help feeling that it very closely followed the plot of another Woody Allen movie set in Manhattan, namely, Manhattan. The plot revolves around a relationship between a beautiful young girl and a neurotic older man. Lovely Southern belle Melody (Evan Rachel Wood) moves to Manhattan, only to fall head over heels in love with tortured genius Boris. (Larry David). Melody shows up on his doorstep with no place to stay in the city. Surprise! Boris immediately allows her to move in. The relationship progresses until Melody’s very disapproving mother (Patricia Clarkson) arrives, and attempts to derail the relationship by setting Melody up with a young man (Henry Cavill) who falls in love with her almost as quickly as she fell in love with Boris. Patricia Clarkson is truly a delight at Melody’s mother – she finds herself quickly seduced by the bohemian nature of the big city, and abandons her many prejudices as the movie progresses.


In addition to Patricia Clarkson’s work, I was also very impressed by Evan Rachel Wood’s performance. I’ve associated her dark characters, such as the one she played in Thirteen. But, fresh off her wonderful performance in The Wrestler, she carries off the role of Southern belle charmingly. It seems Woody Allen has, yet again, managed to coax a nuanced performance from her, just as he has with so many young actresses in the past.


Despite these strong points, I had difficulty understanding why Larry David appeared to be attempting to play Woody Allen. While I haven’t necessarily loved some of Woody Allen’s substitutions for his own iconic character in the past (remember Kenneth Branagh in Celebrity or Jason Biggs in Anything Else ?) I’ve understood them, as the role necessitated a younger man. Given that the story here revolves around a younger woman falling in love with an older man, I was baffled by why Woody Allen wasn’t playing Boris himself. Certainly, it’s not an age issue.


Nonetheless, it’s lovely to see that Woody Allen has once again fallen in love with his native Manhattan.