March 2023

Rachel Roy: What Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe PLUS Travel, Style and Beauty Must-haves

Rachel Roy is a dynamic fashion designer whose pieces have been seen on every leading lady from Michelle Obama, Diane Sawyer, Jennifer Garner, Penelope Cruz and Kate Hudson. I met Rachel at a recent event and was blown away by her support of entrepreneurial women and charity. The gorgeous native Californian, whose personal beauty shines through every one of her designs has worked in the fashion industry since her teenage years as a sales girl– which she calls her early market research! Before designing her own line, she styled magazine shoots, music videos and was creative director for Rocawear. Since the launch of her Rachel Roy line in Spring 2005, Rachel has had a whirlwind of success including being inducted into the CFDA, appearing on Oprah, and launching RACHEL Rachel Roy, a diffusion line sold exclusively at Macy’s. Rachel shared with me what she has been up to lately and offered some of her best tips and products picks!

MM: You have a very interesting background. How has that influenced you as a designer?
RR: I’ve always loved fashion and taking risks in both what I wear and what I design as this has been a guiding principle for me. I’ve never let fear paralyze me but rather let my passion drive me. One of my goals is to help other women realize this as well.

MM: We are so excited about your new collection, what was your inspiration for FW 2012?
RR: My fall 2012 collection is inspired by the documentary Women in the Dirt which highlights the works of seven award- winning women who have made their mark in the field of landscape architecture and are changing our world. From this, the idea of modern landscape architecture and the influence of nature was really interesting to me– balancing the clean lines of landscapes and natural colors and interesting material combinations and details.

MM: What are 3 items you always have on hand during fashion week?
RR: Yoga mat- I practice yoga two to three times a week. The meditation helps me stay centered. Music- it’s one of the quickest routes to dream and always inspires me. Candles- the comforting and continuous glow of a Jo Malone candle while I work is a must.

MM: How do you unwind after such a whirlwind week?
RR: Take a breath, thank my staff and then off for some R & R. First I sleep and then I have a proper meal since I have been living off coffee and sugar for the past two weeks preparing for the show. I’ll spend some quality time with my daughters, visit the Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa at the Plaza Hotel for one of my favorite facial treatments, and lounge at home and watch re-runs of The Office or Modern Family. Then it’s right back into designing the next collection!

Stress Relief through Meditation: How Do I Begin?

By Michael George

Meditation Self-Help for Stress Management
As you gear up for the holiday season, your stress level can ramp up at the same time. Family togetherness. Holiday shopping. Rounds of parties. Cooking for a crowd. And what to wear, what to wear, what to wear . . . To sail through the holidays in a sea of calm, there is no better time to take up meditation.

How to Meditate
Start meditating by sitting in a comfortable position, the lotus position with your legs crossed, or any other way you feel relaxed. Keep the spine as straight as possible, then close your eyes and focus on breathing.

Meditation Breathing Exercises
Try to breath from your diaphragm or lower abdomen. Relax your shoulders and push up toward the ceiling with your head. It may take practice to get comfortable sitting this way, but it will become second nature. A strong posture is important in maintaining your physical and mental balance while meditating. Place your hands in your lap with forearms facing up, arms relaxed, and the thumb lightly pressing against the forefinger. By doing this you create a circular flow of energy.

Focus on each breath, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, and try to take the breath from deeper in your abdominal area. As thoughts enter your mind, let them pass like train cars going slowly by. With consistent practice, these thoughts will eventually slow down and ultimately cease, instilling a sense of tranquility and serenity. This is the main goal of meditation.

Meditation Relaxation Techniques
As your mind relaxes, awareness of inner experiences deepens, while worries and tensions wash away. Meditation allows you to see not only the forest for the trees, but also each leaf. This awareness will bring you much closer to truth. As your mind stills, your sense of truth about your inner self and your outer life become much more vivid. This state of being allows your mind to be free of thought and your true self to be revealed.

Taking care of yourself is about balance, and your workout program should also be balanced. When we think of exercise, we assume that it’s just a physical activity, but exercising the mind and spirit is equally important. Meditation is probably one of the best ways to clear the mind of excess garbage.

Meditation for All
Connecting the mind and body through meditation techniques creates the right balance to motivate you to reach your fitness goals. This balance will complement the effort you put into your physical workouts. Staying fit in body, mind, and spirit is paramount to a healthy lifestyle.

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Michael George, Health & Fitness Contributing Editor

Michael George is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after fitness experts and celebrity trainers. He is the author of Body Express Makeover in which his balanced fitness regime integrates the body, mind, and spirit connection for optimal energy and health. Read more