June 2023

Six Drugstore Products That Everybody Should Have

Good skincare doesn’t have to be expensive, which is why New York Dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD is sharing her favorite drugstore items. From a cleanser to night cream, we have all the items you need to get through the day with great looking skin.
Dr. Jaliman’s Views On Skincare

It’s a constant refrain of mine – nobody has to go broke to have good skin. Yes, some specialized treatments, such as botox and lasers, can be pricey. So can department store brands, many of which are effective but really over-priced. The truth is the essential products for good skin are usually available at most drugstores, and they certainly won’t break the bank.

Best Body Moisturizers

When we think about skincare this time of year, the number one factor is usually sun protection.  But summer skin still craves moisture!  I’ve rounded up my favorite moisturizers to quench dry skin any time of year.

Josie Maran’s line of products contains super-hydrating Argan Oil.  This new body butter feels luxurious and has a refreshing apricot scent.

MALIN+GOETZ Neroli Hand+Body Lotion, $34

I love this lightweight and non-greasy moisturizer for summer.  Founders  Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz produce their all-natural products in their vintage-feel New York apothecary, so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your skin and where it’s coming from.

Kiehl’s Vanilla & Cedarwood Hand & Body Lotion, $26
I’m a huge fan of Kiehl’s products and recently tried their new scented body lotions full of shea butter and botanical oils to care for your skin.  This scent was my favorite.  It’s also available in Fig Leaf and Sage, which is a great unisex scent.

Lalicious Sugar Reef Body Butter, $25
This all-natural formula has an addictive tropical scent and a label with ingredients you can actually pronounce. Aloe and Vitamin E smooth skin for up to 24 hours.

Body Shop Jumbo Mango Body Butter, $19
Body Shop’s body butters are a cult favorite…everyone has their favorite scent! The ultra-rich formula is luxurious to apply and will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Booth’s 4-in-1 Multi-Action Body Lotion Vanilla Butter, $9.99
This delicious smelling lotion pampers your skin with all the ingredients found in the best facial moisturizers including skin-firming caffeine and essential oils.

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion, $8.49
After trying so many lotions for extremely dry skin, I still come back to this vitamin-rich drugstore find.  If your skin is sensitive to fragrance and needs a little extra TLC, slather this on all over.  It’s extra nourishing if you apply to damp skin after the shower.


Queen Helene Cocoa Butter, $3.99
This inexpensive find is an excellent after sun moisturizer because it quenches dry skin and smells like summer!



Buy Burt’s Bees Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub, $12.99

Buy Burt’s Bees Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub, $12.99

  • Smells delectable and leaves your skin oh-so-smooth
  • No need to moisturize after use

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Summer Dry Skin Solutions

Do you have dry skin? In the summer weather it’s likely that your skin will become dryer. Characteristics of dry skin are extremely common and can be uncomfortable.

Dry skin is usually thin and lacking in sebaceous glands, which leads to minimal natural moisture, lost elasticity (collagen), and wrinkles. Here are some ways to identify if you have dry skin:

–       Skin feels thinner than normal
–       Appears opaque
–       Easy to peel
–       Feels itchy
–       Easily breaks out in allergic reactions
–       Fine pores

Below are my recommendations to help keep your skin moist under the best conditions:

–       Eat fresh fruit and vegetables daily
–       Drink six to eight glasses of water per day
–       Keep consistent in the use of cream, and moisturize twice a day
–       Wash your face with fresh water
–       Avoid excessive heat
–       Avoid excessive use of alcohol and caffeine, which have diuretic effects that cause skin cells to lose moisture and essential nutrients
–       Avoid washing your face in the direct spray of a hot shower
–       Use facial mist during the day to keep skin moist

To ensure your skin will look it’s best all summer long, here are some great products to try from Cygalle Healing Spa:

Licorice Spice Face Wash
Thoroughly clean and restore balance with this vitamin-enriched foaming wash formulated for all skin types. Anise extract promotes a healthy, glowing complexion, while natural moisturizing factors such as wheat germ and anisum fruit oils leave the skin smooth and revitalized.
Buy Now, $25-$65

Cranberry Antioxidant Toner
Organic cranberry juice unites with an array of gentle, natural skin-refining acids to enhance texture and appearance. Delicately remove surface debris to reveal a brighter, more vibrant complexion. Delightfully refreshing organic chamomile, healing helichrysum, and sandalwood essential oils enhance skin nutrition while giving this daily use toner its tempting allure.
Buy Now, $25-$65

Sea Pearl Elixir
A true beauty classic – this luxuriously moisturizing serum increases resilience, resulting in flawlessly smooth and supple skin. Enriched with water-attracting humectants and soothing herbs, this serum is essential for those who experience dryness, sagging skin, or loss of vitality. Concentrated Atlantic seaweed, organic aloe, squalane, and phytohyaluronate penetrate skin with nutrition vital to cellular respiration. An intensive booster, this serum is ideal for dry, devitalized, or mature skin types.
Buy Now, $25-$75

Gold Leaf Intensive Eye Treatment
An intensive treatment crème that addresses the special needs of the eye zone, which is prone to visible signs of aging including fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and moisture loss. Micronized 23-karat mineral mica helps to fight the harmful effects of the sun by reflecting UV rays. Organic marshmallow extract aids in circulation, diminishing dark circles and puffiness. Soothing calendula, seabuckthorn, and organic sunflower oils quickly penetrate to instantly refresh and encourage suppleness and elasticity. Hydrating yet non-greasy, this advanced treatment crème penetrates quickly, making it an ideal choice for daily use under makeup.
Buy Now, $85

Raspberry Q10 Moisturizer Crème
Super hydrating day or night! Experience this ultra-rich moisturizer that releases powerful nutrients encouraging healthy, vibrant skin. DMAE, cranberry seed oil, and coenzyme Q10 enhance the potent natural butters and oils that make this an excellent moisturizer for normal or dry skin. Use to fight dehydration and dull skin commonly associated with aging.
Buy Now, $25-$75

Tropical Enzyme Peel
A deliciously rich, creamy enzymatic exfoliant that effectively dissolves dead skin cells without manual scrubbing. Banana, a gentle alternative rich in minerals and antioxidants, helps to soften skin and maintain an optimum moisture level. Pineapple and papaya enzymes carefully remove unwanted surface debris, revealing a glowing complexion. Non-abrasive, yet highly effective, each treatment will leave your skin feeling not only brighter but softer to the touch. Ideal for sensitive, reactive skin types, or for those who desire additional hydration.
Buy Now, $25-$65

Silk Collagen Hydrating Masque
The ultimate extravagance! This high-performance, luxuriously opulent masque is infused with mineral-rich micronized mother of pearl, glycosaminoglycans, and rich botanical extracts that provide vital nourishment on a deep cellular level. Plant-based pseudocollagen, and hyaluronic acid aggressively resist environmental factors that diminish skin’s youthful appearance. Helichrysum and citrus essential oils delight your senses with every application. You’ll be tempted to use this magnificent masque every day.
Buy Now, $25-$75

Products are available at www.cygallehealingspastore.com


Cygalle Dias, Founder and CEO 

Born in Israel, but raised all around the world, Cygalle Dias has been in the fashion, beauty, and marketing arena for over twenty years. Both dynamic and driven, she swiftly gained a vast range of experience and success.

Inevitably, her zeal, intellect, and background in public relations, special events branding and marketing, inspired her to originate Synergy House, which grew to become one of the largest and most prestigious lifestyle marketing and branding companies in the world. Her clientele included prominent brands such as Tory Burch, Vera Wang, Max Azria/BCBG, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole, Nicole Miller, Vidal Sassoon, Nike, Miramax, Sony, and Puff Daddy.

As the founder of Synergy House, she created a synergetic domain where specialty brands were associated with the most sought-after celebrities at World Class events. Cygalle and her team created cross marketing opportunities for these companies and pampered and healed celebrities at events like Cannes and Sundance film festivals, New York and London Fashion Weeks, and wellness retreats in the Hamptons.

In 2005 Cygalle Dias merged her passions business and a holistic luxury lifestyle by founding and creating the Cygalle Healing Spa, an innovative, eco-friendly wellbeing sanctuary that offers specialty treatments, spa management, design, and marketing. In 2009 she received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters for her trailblazing work in Holistic Health by the New York College of Health Professionals.


St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan for Body: Self-Tanner without the Scent

I have been putting this off as long as possible, but I’m afraid that with the crispness of the air and declining temperatures I finally have to admit that fall is rapidly approaching. For this sun-lover, that creates extreme anxiety about how to maintain my summer glow. Believe me, when it comes to self-tanners, I have tried them all and have always been disappointed—I end up too orange, too streaky, or smell like a tanning salon. While browsing Sephora the other day, however, I came across St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan for Body. Since I had been in St. Tropez over the summer and ended up with a gorgeous tan as a result, I decided to give it a try. The results were fantastic! This everyday moisturizer not only gradually builds to a realistic and streak-free tan but is also infused with soothing aloe vera to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Best of all, St. Tropez uses a special fragrance technology that erases the telltale smell of self-tanner, so you don’t have to worry about smelling like eau de spray-tan booth. Now that St. Tropez solved my healthy tan dilemma, I can concentrate fully on what I’m excited for this fall, like getting my hands on a pair of DVF lace-up booties!—Kate Bryan

Buy St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan for Body, $30, at Sephora.com

Sephora Collection Dry Oil Spray On Shine: Give Your Skin a Moisture Mist


One of the few drawbacks of summer? The dry skin I get from lying out in the sun. That’s why I’m obsessed with Sephora’s Dry Oils. Available in delicious, summery scents (my favorite is Guava Passion), these sprays are a perfect quick fix for a shot of moisture when you don’t want to put on thick, goopy creams. Infused with aloe, the mist hydrates your skin without being sticky and leaves a gorgeous sheen that highlights your tan. At a mere $8, I’m definitely stocking up for summer!—Colleen Haggerty

Buy Sephora Collection Dry Oil, 5 oz, $8, at sephora.com

Buy Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Tinted Moisturizer, $15


Buy Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Tinted Moisturizer, $15, at ulta.com

  • Protects against UVA and UVB rays
  • Double-duty product protects skin and moisturizes with subtle color
  • Licorice extract and tomato derivatives brighten skin and diminish appearance of sun spots
  • Mineral based, cream blend
  • Great for beauty-product minimalists

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bareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper: Rev up your complexion!


I have been using this face cream religiously for the past two years.  You’re supposed to use it before you apply foundation, but I love using it as a daily moisturizer.  I have sensitive skin, and this leaves my face feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and silky smooth.  Unlike many other products that feel thick and oily, this cream goes on super light.  When I put it on at night, I always wake up with a clear and bright complexion in the morning.  The best part is that you only need use a small amount each time, so the bottle lasts forever!—Emilee Malvehy

Buy Bare Escentuals bareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper 2.3 oz, $21, at sephora.com

Buy Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer in Medium to Tan Skin Tones, $8.49



Buy Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer in Medium to Tan Skin Tones, $8.49, at drugstore.com

  • Creates a natural-looking tan that’s streak-free with a subtle skin darkening complex
  • Goes on evenly and dries completely in seconds without sticky residue
  • Also comes in a formula for Fair to Medium Skin Tones

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Anthony Logistics for Men: The Perfect Shave Kit, $50


Anthony Logistics for Men: The Perfect Shave Kit

  • Includes Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Pre Shave Oil, Shave Cream, After Shave Balm, and a luxury dop kit
  • Products help eliminate irritation, razor burn, ingrown hairs
  • Skin-nourishing ingredients include: vitamins A, C, and E; exfoliating glycolic acid; calming aloe vera; and refreshing natural peppermint
  • Cleanse, tone, and moisturize to leave skin feeling healthy and protected

Buy Anthony Logistics for Men: The Perfect Shave Kit, $50, at Sephora