May 2022

Buy Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique Hotel Collection: France


Buy Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique Hotel Collection: France, $29.95, at

  • A hand-picked selection of the most stylish stays from Paris to St. Tropez
  • Hotels range from contemporary city spots to classic boutique-hotels and spas on the coast
  • Each location was thoroughly researched for things visitors can see and do

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France: Seasonal Southern Comforts
By Mr & Mrs Smith

Mr & Mrs Smith



James Lohan and Tamara Heber-Percy are the husband-and-wife founders of Mr & Mrs Smith, the world’s leading boutique hotel collection and booking service. Founded in 2003, the collection now includes more than 650 hand-picked hotels throughout the globe, reviewed online at and in their bestselling series of coffee-table guidebooks. The Smiths will be taking their style-spotting talents across the pond this summer, when they open offices in New York.


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  • Napa Valley—a fantastic gourmet getaway, perfect for a week of indulgent wandering
  • Florence—so romantic—stay at JK Place, picnic in the hills, and admire the astonishing art and architecture
  • Dorset—it’s the perfect UK weekend escape—coast, countryside, and cozy cottages
  • Ibiza—this sunny, beautiful Balearic island is where we first met; we still go whenever we can
  • Cape Town—a holiday here has it all: great beaches and nightlife, exciting safaris, and gorgeous vineyards