July 2022

Romantic Gift Ideas from Renowned Matchmaker Samantha Daniels PLUS Her Tips on Dating and How to Meet “The One” [Video]

A romantic day calls for romantic gifts, and as a professional matchmaker and love guru I have some of the best insider gift picks for a day of amour.

Enid Collins Love Wooden Box Bag, BUY NOW, $425
If your Valentine likes one of a kind items that make other people say “where did you get that?,” a vintage bag is a great idea. Each one is special because you might not be able to find another. Make sure you know your lover’s style- for the ladies try something like the Enid Collins Love bag.

Heather Benjamin LA Ocean Jasper Mix Ring, BUY NOW, $405
Rings are tricky on Valentine’s Day, especially if she is expecting THE ring. If she is, and you aren’t ready, stay CLEAR of rings and all jewelry, but if she isn’t and loves a real conversation starter piece, go with a cocktail ring from Heather Benjamin LA. The designer’s mix of shells, stones and sand dollars is spectacular and your Valentine will be swept off her feet with this Ocean Jasper Mix ring.

Serene House Mist Whistler, BUY NOW, $299.95
Diffusers are so yesterday and if you want to buy something that not only smells delicious but looks great, try the Mist Whistler Scentilizer. By diffusing fragrant water vapors, it reduces the dryness of indoor air and even has a built in music player- talk about love at first smell!

Anywhere Fireplace Oasis, BUY NOW, $109.99
If you are dating someone who has everything, it’s great to pick something unique. An indoor fireplace is a wonderful way to warm a room and the mood, and Anywhere Fireplace has plenty of chic styles to choose from.

Art Style Innovation Graphic Bookends, BUY NOW, $110
If your sweetie is a literature lover, pick up these special bookends from Art Style Innovation. These handmade acrylic bookends are playful and fun and come in nine different designs and ten different shades to choose from.

A special note on cards– When picking them out, be sure to choose cards that “match” the status of your relationship. This means if you’ve only been together a few weeks, don’t go all lovey-dovey, opt for something humorous instead. If you are in something more serious or have been together for a considerable amount of time, its great to grab more than one card, one of which should be sentimental. And don’t forget to write a message from the heart, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to let someone know you care, so don’t be shy, go ahead and share!

For the best dating tips and how to meet “the one,” check out our exclusive video interview with Samantha Daniels.


Samantha Daniels is a professional matchmaker, television, personality, author, entrepreneur and founder of Samantha’s Table, a matchmaking service. A former matrimonial attorney, in 1999 Daniels left the world of divorce behind and founded her matchmaking service in New York City, quickly expanding to elite clientele on the west coast.In 2004 Daniels life became the basis for NBC’s hit show Miss Match starring Alicia Silverstone. Daniels a writer for The Huffington Post and in 2005 authored Matchbook: the Diary of a Modern-Day Matchmaker.

Jill Martin: Her Style Tips and Fave Product Picks

TV personality and fashion expert Jill Martin is the go-to girl for all things style. She is a regular contributor for NBC’s Today Show and is known for her popular “Ambush Makeovers” and “Steals and Deals” segments, and sports interviews for the NY Knicks. She is also the NY correspondent for Access Hollywood landing all big celeb interviews. I love that Jill always shares her insights on the latest trends and how best to shop on a budget. She also offers great advice through her fashion self-help books, “Fashion for Dummies” and New York Times best seller “I Have Nothing to Wear.”  I caught up with the style maven to get some fashion and beauty tips, tricks and product picks!

MM: How do you best describe your look or style?
JM: Classic. I am most comfortable in jeans, a white t-shirt and ballet flats. The second I am done covering a red carpet, the heels come off and the Uggs go on!

MM: What are some recent purchases you are loving right now?
JM: My ALC Leather Dress (from 25Park.com), Alexander Wang long sleeve white t-shirt, fab turquoise earrings from Jennifer Miller Jewelry and hot pink Jimmy Choo sandals that I got at Bergdorf’s for 70% off!

MM: What is one timeless piece all women need in their wardrobe?
JM: A great pair of jeans!

MM: Who are some of your favorite designers in different price points and why?
JM: I love designers at all different price points: Dior, Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg, Robert Rodriguez…and if you want a real deal, Zara has great pieces!

MM: What should every women splurge on?
JM: A great “schlep” bag!

MM: What are some things we can all do to de-clutter our closet?
JM: Go into your closet and take out your favorite things: blouse, jeans, sweater, slacks etc., and lay them on the bed. Then take out every other piece from your closet and if they don’t match up to the way you feel in your favorite items, then it’s time for them to go! I would rather you have 30 amazing pieces than 300 that are just “eh.”

MM: What are some tips for shopping smart?
JM: One-in, One-out (or for my mother, one-in, five-out). You shop smarter when you know you have to let something go.