April 2023

Weight Loss & Maintenance Tips from Nutritionist & Yoga Expert


In the 1990’s we were a fat phobic society. Happily eating fat free muffins, fat free ice cream, fat free cheeses and not giving a second thought to the fact that these items were chock full of sugar, calories and preservatives. Then came along the Atkins generation and all of a sudden we were scared to death to put any carbs into our mouths. Instead, without an ounce of guilt we feasted on fatty meats and cheeses, glad to see a dip on the scale but not realizing what these foods were doing to our cholesterol and arteries, let alone fueling our brains inappropriately.

I see it everyday. People come to me for nutritional counseling, confused as to how they should lose weight, maintain their weight or how to eat a healthy diet. And you know what? I don’t blame them for being confused! There is a lot of information floating out there, and a lot of it is misinformation.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so complicated. However, I will tell you this; to successfully lose weight and maintain, it’s not about going on one of these fad diets you read about, or doing a cleanse that everybody at work is talking about. Yes, the end result may be that you lose weight, but you will not maintain it. The only way to do so is by making a lifestyle change, one that is permanent with lasting benefits. Drinking spinach juice with a touch of wheatgrass is not a realistic meal plan for the rest of your life, nor would you want it to be! Where is the pleasure in that?

A basic principle of weight loss and maintenance is that the majority of your calories should come from lean protein. This includes all animal protein like chicken, fish, beef, eggs, meat and soy protein as well. Your carbohydrates should be coming mostly from vegetables and a small amount of fruit. It’s important not to cut out fats all together- healthy ones found in foods like olive oil, egg yolk, nuts, avocado and omega-3 are actually good for you and weight loss.

Foods that are the main source of weight gain are bread, pasta, cereals, corn products and rice. White bread/pasta or whole-wheat bread/pasta are pretty much nutritionally identical; the same goes for white and brown rice. The only difference is that whole wheat bread and brown rice are less processed, and won’t cause your blood sugar to spike and crash as dramatically. These are foods that are often referred to as “simple sugars” or “simple carbohydrates”.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be about starving yourself (and most certainly shouldn’t be), but rather, learning how to make better choices. It takes effort to make those lifestyle changes but you’re worth it!

Lana Levy is a nutritionist specializing in taking a holistic approach towards healthy eating, not only to help her clients achieve their goals, but also help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lana has also incorporated her passion for yoga into her services for her clients, as a way to stay fit, and create a balance between the body and the mind.Lana received her degree from Columbia University, where she completed her Masters in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. In 2010, Ms. Levy became a Registered Yoga Teacher through an intensive training with YogaWorks here in New York City. In 2011 she completed a Prenatal Yoga Certification.With a background in nutrition and yoga, Lana works with her clients to create customized nutrition plans and yoga sequences that are specifically tailored to their needs. Whether the goal is weight loss, healthy weight gain, energy improvement, pre and post natal health, relief from various gastrointestinal ailments, Just For Today can provide you with tools to make a change for life!
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New Year, New You

By Daniela Apeloig

We counted down, the ball dropped, the Champagne corks popped. Did 2011 feel like every other New Year? Then that means you’re saying to yourself: I want to exercise more. I want to start eating healthy. I want to lose weight. I want to sleep better. Any of these New Year’s resolutions sound familiar?

New Year’s resolutions are often about our bodies—get fit, get thin, get sleep. They are the most common and the easiest to break, so we’ve got some great fitness products and gadgets that will help you stick to your resolutions. Exercise AND have fun like a kid with the Xbox Kinect game, get a pair of toning shoes that actually look like sneakers instead of Neil Armstrong’s moonwalkers, even put your money where your mouth is—literally!—with an online “contract.” Happy New Year, and good luck!

Buy New Balance True Balance WW850 Toning Shoe, $89, at planetshoes.com
• Features a unique “balance board” technology
• Makes your body work to maintain its natural balance, activating your muscles
• Colorful, sporty style and hidden toning features
• Synthetic suede with mesh upper
• Removable Abzorb insole for extra comfort
• Weight: 9 oz.

Buy Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, $34.99, at bestbuy.com
• Exercise on your Xbox with fitness-forward games and regimens that you control with your body’s own movements
• Uses Player Projection technology that puts your body into the game, giving you the most precise tracking possible
• Work out with a personal trainer, take a class, or play fun, family-friendly mini-games
• Challenge yourself with regimens from fitness experts, including celebrity trainer and PageDaily contributing editor Michael George
• Track your stats and progress as you burn calories and best your own scores, then share your progress and goals with friends and family online

Buy Griffin Slap for iPod nano (6th Generation), $24.95, at store.apple.com
• Watch-style wristband holds your iPod nano 6th Generation
• Self-adjusts to a precise, comfortable fit
• Frame safeguards buttons but still allows control
• The watch-face display on the iPod nano turns the wristband into a fun, handy watch
• Made of silicone
• Weight: 1.28 oz.

Buy Fitbit, $99, at fitbit.com
• Accurately tracks your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, and sleep quality
• Can be carried in your pocket or worn on your clothing
• Contains a 3D motion-sensor like the one found in the Nintendo Wii,  which captures your movement and converts it into useful information about your daily activities
• Fitbit software and data is wirelessly uploaded online where you can track progress, log nutrition, and compete with friends

Buy F-Factor Bars, $4.99 (box of 5), and Cereals, $3.89 per box, at Kroger’s nationwide, and online starting February 1st at ffactorfoods.com
• F-Factor Bars contain 12g of fiber—50% of your daily needs
• Bars come in 3 flavors: Fudge Brownie, Banana Walnut, and Cinnamon Apple
• Cereals have 15g–18g of fiber per serving (up to 72% of your daily needs in ½ cup)
• Cereals come in 3 flavors: Skinnys, Skinnys ’n Fruit with Apples and Strawberries, and Mini Cinnamon O’s with Raisins and Almonds
• Great for breakfast with milk, or tossed into yogurt for an afternoon snack
• Bars and cereals are all natural, kosher, and have the highest fiber content on the market

Use stickk.com
• To help you stick to your goals and resolutions, register them on this website for free
• You create a Commitment Contract, a public agreement to achieve your goal
• Select or customize your goal, set the stakes (such as money or your reputation), enlist someone you know as a referee, and ask friends to register as well and monitor your progress for support
• People who put stakes on achieving their goals are more likely to achieve them

Buy Ritual Cleanse, $80–$95 per day, at ritualcleanse.com
• Consists of 6 juice blends made from vegetables and fruits that you drink throughout the day for maximum energy and nutrient absorption
• Uses 100% organic ingredients
• No powders, additives, or pesticides
• Made from fresh, locally grown, organic produce and nuts
• Can supplement with optional juices for pre- and post-exercise nutrition; $15 per set
• Enter Promocode “PageDailyJuice” and you’ll get 20% off your first order of Ritual Cleanse
• Promocode expires January 31st

Buy I Am Beyond Spring 2011 Collection, $47–$132, at iambeyond.com
• Spring 2011 available online starting January 15
• Truly stylish activewear
• Color options vary depending on style, but include: Blush, Apricot, Sage, Periwinkle, White, True Navy, Dark Brown, Graphite, Black
• Styles include: long scoop neck tank, original cami blush, shirred cami blush, racerback cami blush, curve jacket blush
• THE brand among celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, and Reese Witherspoon

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