December 2023

Indiana Kettlecorn: An Ode to Popcorn!

Ordinarily I’m extremely indifferent to popcorn. At the movies, I’m a peanut M&Ms girl. At the circus, it’s cotton candy all the way. But that was until I met Popcorn, Indiana Original Kettlecorn. I resisted at first—after all, it was my mother trying to fix us up, and who trusts their mother for a fix up?! But the siren song of the bright red bag was too much to resist, and I popped a piece in my mouth. That’s all it took—one piece, and it was true love. Crunchy, lightly sweet and slightly salty, it’s a perfect flavor/texture balance. And when I discovered that there were only 130 calories and 5 g of fat for 2 cups, I knew I had found my snack soul mate. But my love is not exclusive. After buying several large bags for the PageDaily staff as an afternoon treat, they have fallen under its spell as well. So, here we are—editor-in-chief, production manager, assistant beauty editor, and brilliant summer intern—munching away on our kettle corn while holed up the office on a gorgeous summer Friday afternoon. And we couldn’t be happier. Now, that’s true love.—Nancy Rotenier

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