October 2022

The Pink Project: Mid-Century Modern for Breast Cancer Awareness

Colin Cowie for Swarovski

Suite NY, my all-time favorite mid-century modern and contemporary furniture showroom, is doing their yearly installment of The Pink Project to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This year, in collaboration with Lange Production and Swarovski, Suite NY has unveiled Pink Jalk, in honor of the 1963 molded plywood GJ Chair by Danish designer Grete Jalk. Twenty renowned interior designers, architects and style icons have each customized a chair to be auctioned on charitybuzz.com from October 1st – 31st.

Click through to see our favorites and the inspiration behind the designs.

Kris Fuchs & The Pink Swan Project

Kris Fuchs is the Co-Principal SUITENY, my all time favorite mid-century modern and contemporary furniture showroom. Their furniture collection is highly curated and includes iconic European designs and newer pieces from emerging designers as well.  For the second year in a row, SUITE NEW YORK launched the Pink Swan Project to raise money for the Breast Care Research Foundation. I caught up with Kris for her insider design tips, and find out the scoop on SUITE NEW YORK and this wonderful project.

MM: How is SUITE New York different from other furniture shopping experiences?

KF: SUITE New York presents a different shopping experience mostly because of our product selection.  Our collection consists of European manufactures of the most iconic and classic pieces in history paired with contemporary collections representing the future of great design.  We represent two domestic collections that work perfectly with our European lines.   On top of this, we also have contract lines that have the technological innovations paired with the simplicity and great design that are so essential for our museum, institutional, hospitality and corporate clients. Essentially, we offer something for any and everyone.

MM: What are some tips for creating a stylish environment at home?

KF: Creating a stylish environment at home starts with the basics; a great sofa, a dining table and your bed.  Then slowly build around these core items.  Lighting is also incredibly important but sometimes falls in to the last minute detail category.  Nothing sets the mood more than lighting and we carry iconic collections from Vistosi and BestLite among others.  Vistosi is all hand-blown murano glass designed in the 1960’s and BestLite dates back to the 1930s.

MM: What are some of your favorite home accessories?

KF: My favorite home accessories are books, lots and lots of books.  I have a library in both of my homes and have spent years hand selecting each book.  Everything from gardening, design, art and fashion to cookbooks, novels and biographies.  Another favorite home accessory are cashmere throws.  I have them in a variety of colors and brands: lavender, pink, brown, orange and turquoise. From Hermes, Malo, Loro Piana, Brora and Brunello Cucinelli.  Who doesn’t like to curl up in a cashmere throw whether it is winter, spring summer or fall to enjoy a great book.

MM: What advice do you have for someone thinking of shopping for a new piece of furniture?

KF: The best advice is to make the investment. Every piece in SUITE New York’s collection is an investment because of the quality, the beauty and the design “staying power.”  For example, I’d rather have a two-seat sofa that is a little out of my budget knowing it will last for decades rather than an inexpensive version that will last three years tops.  Where do you spend the majority of your time? In your home!  And if you don’t, it’s because you and your home need a great sofa.

MM: How would you describe your personal interior design aesthetic?

KF: My personal aesthetic leans towards a mixture of Mid-Century and traditional furniture.  It is classic with a twist.  Furniture that is formal yet comfortable.  I love warm and muted colors.  My bedroom is lavender, purples and shads of brown.  My living room is celadon greens and taupes with splashes of orange.

MM: SUITE NEW YORK is participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month with an exciting project. Tell us about it.

KF: This year is SUITE New York’s second year of the Pink Project.   Last year was The Pink Wishbone Project and this year is The Pink Swan Project. We invited 19 internationally recognized interior designers, architects and fashion icons to customize the iconic Swan Chair.  The chairs are now up for auction on charitybuzz.com

All proceeds benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation that Mrs. Evelyn H. Lauder founded.  All of the Pink Swan Chairs are on view at SUITE New York, 419 Park Avenue South, 17th floor.

MM: Why Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Swan chair?

KF: The Fritz Hansen Swan chair was designed in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen and is a highly recognized throughout the world. It was designed to look like a swan and is perfect for the Pink Project because of its feminine and graceful shape and lines.  The Swan Chair presents endless avenues for customization into something truly unique.  The Pink Swan Chairs our designers created are all stunning and all so different.



MM: What designers participate in the Pink Swan project?

KF: The year the 19 designers represent men and women.  Last year the group was all women.
The designers are:
Karim Rashid
Campion Platt
Simon Doonan
Madeline Weinrib
Milly de Cabrol
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Chris Kraig
Jamie Drake
Margherita Maccapani Missoni
Holly Fulton for Swarovski
Windsor Smith
Jonathan Adler
Nate Berkus & Associates
Victoria Hagan
Vicente Wolf
Kelly Hoppen
Julie Hillman
D.B. Kim of PYR for Swarovski
David Mann

MM: Do you have a favorite?


MM: How does the Charitybuzz Auction work?

KF: Charitybuzz.com “hosts” the auction, which is completely accessible to potential bidders across the globe!

Visit the link CharityBuzz – Pink Swan.

Bidding runs from October 1st-31st.The presents a great opportunity to own a truly one-of-a-kind version of an iconic design.   Some are true sculptures where as other are perfect for curling up in.

MM: Any celebrity purchases?

KF: I am not at liberty to say, but many celebrities are collectors of great Mid-Century furniture and design.

MM: What inspired you to create the Pink Swan Project?

KF: I am inspired every day by SUITE New York and the SUITE New York family.  My business partner, Maria Sepulveda, is my best friend of 31 years.  We love what we do and we are fortunate to work in an industry we love.  What better way to give back to the world we work in than through the Pink Swan Project?  We are so proud of our ability to connect the experts in our field with a charity as wonderful and groundbreaking as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Kris Fuchs is Principal and the Public Relations and Marketing Director for SUITE New York. With years of experience in the contemporary furniture and design field and with previously owning a public relations and marketing firm, Kris understands the importance of smart marketing. In the four years since SUITE New York’s founding, the company’s products and projects have appeared in over ninety high-profile magazines and newspapers. Marketing successes have included becoming Related’s furniture partner for all its residential buildings, working with top restaurateurs such as Alain Ducasse, and on prestigious developments including Starwood Hotels, 40 Bond and 50 Gramercy.