August 2022

5 Superfoods for Beautiful Skin

Countless skincare products claim to give you results simply by applying them.  But did you know we can change the way our skin looks on the outside by what we put inside our bodies?  Incorporating superfoods into your diet can help improve your skin.  Dr. Nicholas Perricone, creator of the skincare lines Perricone MD and SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, has spent years researching how what we eat can affect how our skin appears, feels and even ages.  Dr. Perricone shares with us 5 superfoods for beautiful skin:

There are many superfoods that benefit the skin—here is a sampling.

1. Wild salmon and other cold water fish (salmon, sardines, herring, trout, etc.) are great sources of protein, necessary to maintain and repair the body—including the skin on a cellular level.  Protein cannot be stored.  For optimum health and cellular repair we need quality protein at each meal.   When rating a food either pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory, we find that protein is neutral.  However, some sources of protein, such as the fish listed above, provide powerful anti-inflammatory benefits for two reasons:
·         They are high in anti-inflammatory omega 3 essential fatty acids which keeps skin radiant, supple and wrinkle free, moods upbeat and brain functioning is at optimal levels
·         Wild salmon’s pink or red color, owes its pigment to astaxanthin, a super  carotenoid anti-oxidant with potent anti-inflammatory properties

2. Green Foods.  Green Foods are young cereal grasses like barley grass and wheat grass.  Nutritionally, they are close cousins to dark green leafy vegetables, but offer greater levels of “nutrient density.”  An ounce of concentrated green foods contains more of the beneficial phytonutrients found in an ounce of green vegetables. Green foods, such as Green Magma™ detoxify the body to keep skin clear and radiant.

Studies show that green foods have marked beneficial effects on cholesterol, blood pressure, immune response, and cancer prevention. These effects are attributed in part to their high concentrations of chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll, the phyto-chemical that gives leaves, plants, and algae their green hues, is the plant equivalent of the oxygen-carrying red pigment hemoglobin in red blood cells. Dietary chlorophyll inhibits disease bacteria and exerts therapeutic effects on bad breath and internal odors.

3. When it comes to maintaining beautiful skin and keeping unwanted pounds at bay, beans and lentils are a body’s best friend.  They are very low-glycemic and unlike sugary, starchy foods, won’t cause a rapid rise in blood sugar.  They are anti-inflammatory foods, key in preventing dull, dry, wrinkled sagging skin and body fat.

4. Olives and extra virgin olive oil.  We need a source of good fats in our diet to help us absorb nutrients from our vegetables and fruits, keep our cells supple, skin glowing and wrinkle-free, brains sharp and mood upbeat.  We also need dietary fat to burn fat.  Extra virgin olive oil contains oleic acid, which helps us to absorb the omega-3s and other vitamins and nutrients from our foods.  Oleic acid is vital in keeping the outer portion of the cell, known as the cell plasma membrane supple, thereby allowing nutrients to enter the cell and wastes to exit.

5. Green Tea contains polyphenols which help eliminate inflammation-producing free radicals.  Polyphenols protect healthy cells from cancer causing DNA damage, while ushering cancer cells to their death.  Another remarkable finding is the power of green tea polyphenols known as  EGCG to reactivate dying skin cells.  Researchers consider this amazing energizing of dying skin cells to potential benefit skin diseases such as psoriasis, ulcers, rosacea, wounds—and wrinkles.

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Nicholas V. Perricone, M.D. is a board certified dermatologist, world-renowned anti-aging expert, award-winning inventor, educator, philanthropist and creator and host of a series of Public Television specials which aired nationally on PBS-TV. He is also the author of several New York Times Best Sellers, including The Wrinkle Cure, The Perricone Prescription, The Perricone Promise and most recently Forever Young.Dr. Perricone is Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine. He is certified by the American Board of Dermatology, is a Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and the Society of Investigative Dermatology. Dr. Perricone has served as Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Yale School of Medicine and as Chief of Dermatology at the state of Connecticut’s Veterans Hospital.Dr. Perricone is the recipient of the Eli Whitney Award, presented by The Connecticut Intellectual Property Law Association to an outstanding individual who has made significant contributions to science, invention and technology. Prior recipients include National Medal of Science beneficiary, Igor Sikorsky, (founder of Sikorsky aircraft) inventor of the first practical helicopter, which established the bedrock upon which today’s helicopter industry rests, and Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome – the lightest, strongest and most cost-effective structure ever devised. Dr. Perricone is also the recipient of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) 2000 Norman E. Clark, Sr. Lecture Award for his, “dedication and contributions towards advancing Complementary and Alternative Medicine.”Dr. Perricone holds dozens of US and international patents for the treatment of skin and systemic disease, and for the use of topical anti-inflammatory formulations to reverse and prevent damage to skin caused by chronological age, poor nutrition, hormonal changes and environment stress. He is the author of numerous scientific articles, is a contributing editor to the peer-reviewed medical journal Skin and Aging, and is a member of the editorial board of Archives of Gerontology & Geriatrics. He has contributed a chapter on antioxidants and aging for Skin Diseases in the Elderly, a recent textbook written by scientists from Stanford University.

Dr. Perricone is internationally recognized as a pre-eminent scientific expert in the fields of health, beauty and anti-aging and is regarded as the father of the Inflammation Theory of Aging. Dr. Perricone’s initial quest to find ways to stop, prevent and reverse the negative effects of chronic and sub-clinical inflammation in his dermatology patients laid the foundation for Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals, which launched in 1998. The company introduced his patented formulations and immediately set a new industry standard for product efficacy with results that often rival more invasive and potentially risky dermatological procedures. This new category, known as cosmeceuticals, has raised the bar in people’s expectations for topical skincare. Moreover, his well-known mantra of creating beauty from the inside out inspired the creation of a line of targeted supplements, known as Perricone MD Nutriceuticals, which work collaboratively with the topicals to achieve optimum visible results.

Superfoods for Swimsuit Season

Don’t let swimsuit season get you down, I’ve got the skinny on the superfoods for trimming your waistline and making you look and feel better from the inside out.  I’ve spent the last 28 years in search of the most potent and healing foods and herbs to use in my nutrition clinic, traveling from the dense jungles of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil to the Himalayan Mountain region of Inner Mongolia and everywhere in between.

While, I’ve come across some amazing herbs and powerful foods in my travels around the globe, the good news is that several of my most tried and true superfoods for slimming down are available in your local grocery store! Here are my top five accessible and delicious superfoods that will help burn off those extra pounds and give you that radiant summertime glow that will make heads turn.

1. Spice it up with Capsicum & Ginger – Put the spice in your summer refreshment.  Capsicum is one of my favorite superfoods because it is chock full of nutrients and medicinal properties.  I’ll bet you didn’t know that a cayenne pepper has more Vitamin C than an orange.  And ginger is also an amazing superfood that works wonders for your digestive system, helping to ease indigestion and bloating.

So, how do these two potent foods help you slim down for summer?  That sizzle on your tongue is the same spark that ignites your internal fire and generates heat, which in turn revs up your metabolism.  I recommend drinking a hot unsweetened Chai tea once or twice a day and adding a little fresh ginger and crushed cayenne pepper to jump start your weight loss.

2. Guarana Boosts Energy & Binds the Appetite – This amazing little seed from the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest has over 2.5 times the amount of caffeine as coffee without any of the side effects commonly known in caffeinated coffee.  It also boasts theobromine, which is the same active “feel good” compound in chocolate, which counters the negative side effects of caffeine.  Guarana is Mother Nature’s perfect little energy booster with a bonus – it has also been used traditionally by the indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest to suppress appetite in addition to boosting energy!

Now, be careful, because a lot of energy drinks tout Guarana as their key ingredient, but these are often loaded with sugars, artificial sweeteners and other harmful ingredients.  Be sure to read the label.  My top pick for energy is Genesis Today’s Wake Me beverage, which is available at Walmart in the refrigerated section next to the Orange Juice. This all-natural beverage contains generous amounts of Guarana and also has 500% of your Daily Value of Vitamin B12 for an added energy boost.

3. Go Green for Beauty – The darker the green, the better the veggie is for you.  I could go on and on and on about how Kale, Mustard Greens, Celery, Parsley and all these dark leafy green vegetables help detoxify the blood and balance the body, but I’ll just tell you how incorporating them will speed your weight loss.  Replace your breakfast with a green veggie juice and you’ll enjoy a whole load of alkalinizing beauty benefits.

On top of flushing excess water and toxins, the green juice is loaded with chlorophyll, minerals and numerous plant compounds as well as tons of natural enzymes, which aid digestion and reduce bloat.  I understand that freshly juiced Kale and Spinach is sometimes hard to come by, that’s why I turn to this new product called GenEssentials Greens, which you can find at Whole Foods and other health foods retailers.  These Greens have over 25 billion probiotics per serving, and each serving is chock full of vitamins, minerals, dark leafy green veggies and a plethora of essential herbs to cleanse and nourish the body and support the immune system, brain and eye power – and beauty!  I drink them every morning by adding them to my fresh made veggie juice, it’s double the benefit.

4. Add a Splash of the Sea – Look at cultures who rely on the sea for the majority of their diet and you’ll note that they experience very few weight concerns – obesity is not an epidemic in Japan.  That’s because the sea is chock full of waistline-friendly superfoods like Kelp, Fish and Algae.  Kelp is a sea vegetable that is loaded with iodine, which is the key nutrient for the thyroid gland that is responsible for regulating metabolism.  A happy thyroid means happy metabolism, so try adding some dried kelp flakes on top of your salad or adding the powder to your green veggie juice.

Also hailing from the sea are several sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, like Fish and Algae, which are important for supporting healthy weight as well as healthy skin and hair.  There are two products I love for Omega Fatty Acids, one is Genesis Today’s Omega Orange Juice available at Walmart in the refrigerated section and Genesis Today’s Superfruit Omega Gummy Vitamins which are available at Walgreens.  Both are excellent additions to a daily diet.

5. B-Vitamin Beauty Booster – If I told you there was one family or group of vitamins that could improve just about every system in your body, make your hair grow thicker, make your nails grow stronger, boost your energy levels and support your metabolism, would you believe me?  B Complex Vitamins are one of my secrets to health and beauty, they are key to turning our food into energy (this would be called metabolism) and most people don’t get enough in their daily diet.  That’s because B Vitamins are found in foods like brown rice, liver, and oysters, and they are wiped out of our system by caffeine, stress and alcohol.  Additionally, B Vitamins have to be brought into our bodies daily because our bodies do not produce them on their own.

The best way to get your B Vitamins is by eating liver every day. Just kidding!  Try a liquid supplement, I recommend one of the Genesis Today juices like Acai Berry Juice, Pomegranate & Berries with Resveratrol or Cranberry Goji Juice.  You can find these in the refrigerated section of your local grocery store and they contain 1,000 percent of you daily value of Vitamin B12 as well as strong doses of the rest of the B complex family of vitamins.  Have a glass every morning instead of your coffee and you’ll notice a dramatic change in your energy levels in only one week, and when your energy is up – so is your metabolism!

Dr. Lindsey Duncan, Guest Editor
Dr. Lindsey Duncan has helped celebrities like Demi Moore and Marc Jacobs slim down by learning how to eat healthy and make nutritionally sound choices.   Not only has he gained fame through his celebrity clientele, he has also gained notoriety within the nutrition/health field for his work in bringing superfruits/superfoods to the mass market – His passion for superfoods is what put him on the map.   His current mission is to bring superfruits to the masses, by single handedly working with Wal-Mart to offer healthier options within their grocery shelves, through his company, Genesis Today.