February 2020

Sweetiepie Restaurant: How Sweet It Is


While my days of running around in all-pink ensembles and thinking candy = dinner are unfortunately over, I still love to indulge my inner child by visiting Sweetiepie in the West Village. With a mirrored, pink décor (imagine Barbie goes to Versailles) and a menu that will please the pickiest palettes, Sweetiepie is a great place to take anyone from the actually young to the young at heart for a delicious meal. My favorite: the teeny tiny ice cream cones, practically so bite-sized I’m tempted to order a second round!—Colleen Hagerty

Sweetiepie Restaurant
19 Greenwich Ave (between Christopher and 10th)
New York, NY, 10014

French Macarons!


Today my best friend and I had a French macaron face off.  Ever since I first tasted them about 6 years ago at BIZU in the Phillippines, I have been in love!  All I can say is that our macaron taste test battle ended in a draw; the macarons I brought from Macaron Cafe had a chewier shell, while hers from La Maison du Chocolat had a tastier filling. In the end, French macarons are French macarons and all French macarons are deliciously addicting.  I must confess, we finished all 24!—Katrina Caspelich

Buy at La Maison du Chocolat and Macaron Cafe