February 2021

Sweet vs. Savory: The Crooked Tree


I consider myself a curious eater. I love trying new things (my favorite shows include Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern). So, I’ve had dessert crêpes before but I’ve never tried a savory one. So I jumped at the opportunity to visit the Crooked Tree, as they are known for amazing crêpes. And whoa! Have I been missing out or what?! With black forest ham and mozzarella, it tasted like a panini but the deliciously fresh ingredients are in an incredibly delicate buttery shell. If crêpes aren’t your thing, try their crostini and bruschetta. All come with a mixed green salad.—Hyejin Kim

I am NOT an adventurous eater and would never imagine myself eating a chocolaty, sweet dessert—with bacon. But after spotting the chocolate, almond, and bacon crêpe on the menu, I (and my palette) was feeling a bit daring. The first taste was definitely interesting, like nothing I’ve ever tried. However, by the second salty, sweet bite, I was hooked. I may or may not have hogged the entire dessert—sorry Hyejin—but I could have licked the plate for its chocolate-bacon goodness. So go visit to this charming East Village crêperie and indulge your sweet (or savory) tooth yourself!—Lindsay Leff

What we loved!
– Crostini with warm goat cheese and pesto on toasted bread, $6
– Bruschetta with chopped tomato, onion, garlic, basil, and olive oil, $8
– Brie, tomato, and arugula crêpe, $8
– Black forest ham and Jarlsberg crêpe (we substituted for mozzarella), $8
– Chocolate, bacon and almond crêpe, $8

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