June 2023

The Best Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Sugar and spice and everything nice—that’s what Valentine’s Day gifts should be made of, and these top our wish list. Read more

CEIVA Digital Photo Frames, $127.99-$147.99


CEIVA Digital Photo Frames

We thought technology couldn’t be romantic, but CEIVA’s digital photo frames changed our minds. So easy to set up even one of our technologically impaired editors managed it, CEIVA frames receive photos, greeting cards and more wirelessly from iPhones, Blackberrys and computers.

Price: $127.99 for CEIVAshare, $147.99 for CEIVA Pro 80

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Special: Receive a 20% discount. Through February 17, 2010.

Chocri Chocolates, $7-$10


Chocri Chocolates

Sometimes, it seems like the office motto is: Will work for chocolate. And we were very excited editors the day we got to design our own custom chocolate bars from Chocri. On their website, you pick your base chocolate—milk, dark or white. We, of course, picked several of each—the things we do for you! Then, you choose from a wide variety of toppings including cappuccino chocolate drops, hazelnut brittle and even real gold flakes. We used roasted almonds, silver pearls and cinnamon cornflakes. Don’t you wish you worked here?!

Price: $7–$10, on average

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Special: Receive expedited shipping at the cost of standard shipping with promo code ASKMELISSA. Through February 7, 2010, 10:00 p.m. EST.

Victoria’s Secret Silk Ruffle Shorts, $29.50


Victoria’s Secret Silk Ruffle Shorts

Sometimes the mere mention of the word lingerie makes us anxious. Are we thin enough, buff enough, brave enough? Usually, not so much! So we’re loving these new silk ruffle shorts from Victoria’s Secret. The perfect combination of comfortable and cute, we’ll pair them with a sexy camisole or a comfy tee with confidence.

Price: $29.50

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Aphrodite Vases, $30-$60


Aphrodite Vases

We discovered these vases at a little store in Montauk, and it was love at first sight. Appropriate considering they’re called Aphrodite vases. So, we had to tell you about them for Valentine’s Day. The vases come in a variety of shapes and sizes including deseo, prado and heart. We couldn’t choose, so we bought them all!

Price: $30–$60

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Avarose Handbags, $48-$65


Avarose Handbags

We think everything in life should be fun and funky—as well as functional. So for a Valentine’s Day treat, ditch your ordinary makeup case for these from Avarose. We’ve already ordered Ollie the Owl for ourselves—we’re into owls right now—and we know just the person for the blue perforated peace sign.

Price: $48–$65

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McGowan & McClain Necklaces, $63-$375


McGowan & McClain Necklaces

We see a lot of jewelry in any given week, so when something catches our eye, you know it’s something special. We’re hoping someone gives us a McGowan & McClain necklace for Valentine’s Day. The raw semiprecious stones are edgy, the organic lines sensual—a killer combo for a day celebrating love.

Price: $63–$375

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