December 2023

15 Fashion Commandments: My Personal Style Rules

By Stacey Mayesh


In my 15 years as a fashion stylist, I’ve seen a lot—people with closets full of clothes with the tags still on, clients who like to have me style all of their outfits and put them into a spreadsheet or photo book, celebs who insisted on wearing sneakers under their (very long) gowns, rap artists who hired me to choose, buy, then display hundreds of dollars worth of Christmas gifts under their trees. To create effortless personal fashion style, I advise following a set of 15 fashion commandments—they’re easy rules of fashion, and they make getting dressed a snap.

Fashion Trends Have a Role, Just Not a Starring One

1. Don’t be overly trendy, but do keep your wardrobe modern and fresh.
2. Cultivate a signature style, but remember that having style is a lot more than just following fashion trends.

Personal Style Is the Secret to Being Chic

3. Be true to who you are, even with fashion. Don’t buy something impulsively just because you love it if you don’t have anywhere to go in it. Think about what your lifestyle requires.
4. My motto is, “You, only better.” I transform my clients into better versions of themselves. I would never try to make them into people they’re not.
5. Push fashion and style boundaries—stay within your comfort zone but try to take it one step further.

Fashion for Dummies: Uniform Dressing for Busy Bodies

6. Uniform dressing is a no-fail approach to fashion. If you find a look that works for you, duplicate it with small tweaks. Great for work or life with kids—busy women don’t have to sacrifice style. I swear by this. As a stylist and mother of 2, I don’t have a lot of extra time to fuss. I choose a look each season, which becomes my de facto uniform, and then I tweak bits here and there. Tip: work around a general color palette, you’ll get more combos out of each item.

In the Fashion World, You Better Have a Fit

7. Focus on fit—fit is critical! Even the priciest designer clothes look bad if they don’t fit well.
8. Pay attention to what works on your body type. Just because your friend has a trendy piece you love, it doesn’t mean it will work on you.

Where to Spend & Where to Save: Your Fashion Budget

9. Go for quality over quantity.
10. Follow the 1-week rule. If you fall in love with something that’s a big splurge, don’t buy it. Wait 1 week. If you are still obsessing over it, go buy it. If you’ve forgotten about it, move on.
11. Fashion accessories are a great place to invest. Inexpensive fashionable clothing with quality accessories—you’ll look like a million bucks. Quality clothing with cheap accessories never looks as good. A great coat is also a “wardrobe changer” because you wear it every day. It’s the first thing someone sees.

What to Buy, What to Buy, What to Buy

12. A great pair of shoes is the best way to complete an outfit; bad shoes can make a whole outfit look wrong.
13. For that difficult-to-find item, great-fitting jeans, buy 2 pairs when you find 1 you love. Hem 1 for flats, the other for heels. This way, your denim choice is not dependent on your shoe choice. You can dress them up or down.

Closet Confidential: Keep, Store, Toss

14. Keep your closet organized with some system, such as categorizing by season or by fashion item. You’ll save a half hour every morning by not scrambling to find things.
15. Follow the 3-year rule. Haven’t worn something in 3 years? Toss it. Even if the style comes back 10 years later, it will come back in a different way.

Keep these basic rules of fashion and personal style in mind when you shop, and you will get more bang for your buck and make it a lot easier to get dressed—and dress well!

Stacey Mayesh, Fashion Contributing Editor
I am a NYC-based fashion stylist who has worked with top tier magazines (Marie Claire, InStyle, Elle, Lucky), and celebs (Selma Blair, Jessica Alba, Susan Sarandon, Sean Combs) for 15 years. I was recently featured in Vogue and on NBC Weekend Today. I now work with private clients bringing a fresh . . . Read more of her fashion secrets

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Fashion Emergencies & Perfect Little Products to Come to Your Rescue

By Daniela Apeloig & Lindsay Hahn

The holiday season is in full swing, and with all of the glamorous soirées, romantic dates, and family gatherings, a multitude of wardrobe malfunctions lie in wait. Don’t panic! Remedy life’s little fashion emergencies with these perfect little product rescues.

1. Emergency You’re a girl on the go, and by day’s—or night’s—end, your killer heels are killing you!
Rescue Buy Yosi Samra Fold-Up Ballet Flats, $55–$90, at

2. Emergency The Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, and pecan, and apple that you had to eat just won’t leave your thighs.
Rescue Buy Annette Diva Defined Adjustable Shapewear Long Leg Thigh Shaper, $65, at

3. Emergency Your bra straps come out to play with your favorite racerback tank.
Rescue Buy Strap Perfect Bra Concealer Clips, $6.99, at

4. Emergency You lean over and your sexy dress straps just won’t stay put.
Rescue Buy Her Look Matchsticks, $10, at

5. Emergency The ugly bra that shows with your low-cut shirt is not part of your look.
Rescue Buy Top Secret Undercover Bodywear, $38–$62, at

6. Emergency You can’t resist the amazing dress with the plunging back, and you can’t wear a bra with it.
Rescue A Buy Miss Oops Show Stoppers, $16, at
Rescue B Buy Bristol 6 Nippies Patch of Freedom (Basic), $10, at

7. Emergency Your stilettos give you blisters—but pain is gain!
Rescue A Buy Dr. Scholl’s For Her Rub Relief Strips, $6.76 (pack of 2), at
Rescue B Buy Sidewalk Skincare Shoe Survival Balm, $18, at

8. Emergency $#*@! You’re late for a hot brunch date, and your go-to top is an unwearable wrinkly mess.
Rescue Buy Tide Swash Smooth It Out Clothing Dewrinkler, $11.99, at

9. Emergency Oh no! You’ve spilled caviar on your shirt in the middle of a date!
Rescue Buy Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit, $12.50, at

10. Emergency You throw on your LBD, do that last-minute mirror check, and there they are, white deodorant marks.
Rescue Buy Gal Pal Original Gal Pal, $10, at

11. Emergency Your chic faux-fur vest has left its mark on your now less-than-chic lint-covered shirt.
Rescue Buy Gal Pal Original Lint Remover Mitts, $10.50, at

12. Emergency You are enjoying a glass of red with friends but your lipstick check leaves you seeing red—teeth!
Rescue Buy Colgate Wisp Portable Mini-Bush Toothbrush (here in peppermint), $7.99, at

13. Emergency You absolutely have to wear your amazing new jeans, but there’s no time to hit the tailor.
Rescue Buy Bristols 6 Hem Tape for Denim, $12, at

14.Emergency Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Think headache, spinach in your teeth, a ripped sweater . . .
Rescue Buy Ms. & Mrs. Minimergency Kit for Her, $12, at

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Dress-Up Games & Mini Me: Hip Mother-Daughter Fashion Picks

By Stacey Mayesh

Summer has come and gone, and I find myself scrambling to outfit my 2 adorable children for the coming school year. How is it possible they have grown so much in just 2 months?! My daughter, almost 5, recently shed her tomboy, “I want to be just like my big brother” skin and proudly declared, “I want to dress pretty now, Mama!” This was followed by, “I want to do fashion with you when I grow up, Mama. Can we work together?” Well, that was just about the best thing I have ever heard. I got so excited, and so inspired, that I’ve become an unstoppable mini-fashion shopping machine. Here are my best finds of the season for me and my Mini Me, nothing saccharine-sweet here:

Stella McCartney Knickers of the Week Pack—if this doesn’t bring you back to when you were 10, I don’t know what will!
Dress-Up for Me: Buy Stella McCartney Knickers of the Week Pack, $195, at
Dress-Up for Mini Me: Buy Gap Days of the Week Bikinis, $24.50 at

Isabel Marant’s metallic baseball jacket—love a touch of flash.
Metallic Trend for Me: Buy Isabel Marant Gunay Brocade Baseball Jacket, $745, at
Matching Kid’s Trendy Clothes for Mini Me: Buy Makié RR Girl’s Zip Up Jacket, $108, at

Mongolian shearling jacket: Get on the fur trend, real or fake—just work the look!
Designer Look for Me: Buy PAUL & JOE Tchatcha Mongolian-Shearling Jacket, $1,575, at
Designer Look for Mini Me: Buy J.Crew Girls’ Charlize Shearling Vest, $398, at

Glitter shoes—channel your inner Dorothy! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, even on the cloudiest day.
Dress-Up in Sparkles for Me: Buy Proenza Schouler Glitter Slingback Bootie, $895, at
Dress-Up in Sparkles for Mini Me: Buy J.Crew Girls’ Glitterati Oxfords, $228, at

Fashion Trend for Me: Buy T by Alexander Wang Striped Baggy Sweatshirt, $113, at
Buy IRO Amy Cross Body Bag, $248, at
Striped Designer Girls Dresses for Mini Me: Buy 3.1 Phillip Lim Toddler’s & Little Girl’s Bag-Print Dress, $150, at

Skinny Jeans Trend for Me: Buy Rag & Bone Zip Pocket Seamed Cargo Jeans, $290, at
Skinny Jeans Trend for Mini Me: Buy Gap Super Skinny Jeans, $34.50, at

Casual Dress-Up for Me: Buy Markus Lupfer Smacker Flock-Print T-Shirt, $130, at
Casual Dress-Up for Mini Me: Buy Kaos Stones Flame Tee, $44, at

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Stacey Mayesh, Fashion Contributing Editor

I am a NYC-based fashion stylist who has worked with top tier magazines (Marie Claire, InStyle, Elle, Lucky), and celebs (Selma Blair, Jessica Alba, Susan Sarandon, Sean Combs) for 15 years. I was recently featured in Vogue and on NBC Weekend Today. I now work with private clients bringing a fresh . . . Read more of Stacey’s fashion secrets

Celebrity Closet: Get the Kate Moss Look

By Katrina Caspelich

Still a supermodel almost 2 decades after her Calvin Klein ad campaign of 1993 launched her career and a media frenzy about her waif-life build, Kate Moss has become a trendsetter and style icon. Proving there is a glamorous side to grunge, her edgy yet feminine British fashion sense has inspired designers and the fashion-hungry public alike. Here, how to copy Kate’s look for less.


A Kate Moss T-Shirt Look:
Buy Banana Republic Timeless Tank (here in black), $20, at

These Could Belong to Kate Moss:
Buy Level 99 Carolina Shorts (here in conductor), $39.95, at

Layer like Kate Moss:
Buy American Apparel Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh Long Sleeve Button-Up (here in black), $45, at

Walk in Kate Moss’s Shoes:
Buy Report Ariella, $128.95, at

If Kate Moss Made Friendship Bracelets:
Buy Free People Gypsy Bead Bracelet (here in silver), $24, at

Kate’s Sunglasses:
Buy Forever 21 (F9410) Sunglasses, $5.80, at

Accessorize Like You’re Kate Moss:
Buy Pacsun Kirra Coin Necklace, $8.50, at

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read Celebrity Closet: T-Shirt Edition.