November 2020

The 5 E’s of Easy Healthy Eating

Exercise Your Endorphins. Get outside and move for 10 minutes after every meal. Not only does exercise increase those feel-good hormones known as endorphins; but if you walk for just 10 minutes after eating, you can lower your blood glucose, increase your health and help prevent diabetes.

X the Excess. Rid yourself of excess food by moderating your portions and eating mindfully. To increase your awareness, try taking a yoga breath or silently meditating for a minute before and after meals. By meditating, you allow yourself to separate the experience of eating with the stress and emotions of your day, and to smell, touch, savor and enjoy your food without guilt. Not only will your meal taste more delicious, but mindfulness and giving oneself permission to eat can also decrease emotional eating and binging at night.

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One Response to “The 5 E’s of Easy Healthy Eating”
  1. Victoria says:

    This is sooo interesting, thanks, Laura….!!!! You are helping me loose this 15 lbs….I am miserable….can’tget rid of it…..I am always hungry….since I stopped smoking…..I enjoy your news magazine….Thank you, again…..Victoria