November 2020

The 5 E’s of Easy Healthy Eating

Evolve. Allow your food choices to evolve and expand by choosing local seasonal produce rather than highly processed food products. Local seasonal produce is higher in antioxidants and nutrients, which helps to build immunity and fight the effects of stress. In early spring, opt for fennel, garden peas, parsnips and snow peas; for mid-spring try asparagus, lettuce, radishes, rhubarb and spinach; and come late spring, seek out apricots, broccoli, cabbage, strawberries and summer squash.


Laura Cipullo, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, provides sound, ethical nutrition advice to both adults and children. Laura has an office in Manhattan, N.Y., where you can meet in a private setting for one-on-one consultations, family nutrition sessions or with a group of peers. Laura’s holistic approach meets you, the client, at your level of readiness. She uses her endocrine knowledge as a Certified Diabetes Educator to help you make balanced meal decisions that stabilize your blood sugar and, consequently, your hormone levels. Using the science of hormones, Laura’s meal and snack recommendations enable you to feel full and energized while achieving a healthier body. Through her expertise and experience, she can help you findyour internal cues to complement your food intake and eventually rid yourself of the diet mentality. Working with Laura represents the embarkation on a new life free of diets, and a true understanding of moderation.Laura earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Colorado State University, where she graduated with honors. She interned at New York–Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center as a Dietetic Intern. She has since held the distinguished positions of Clinical Dietitian for New York–Presbyterian Hospital/ Weill Cornell Medical Center; Nutrition Coordinator for CEDAR Associates in Westchester and Rockland counties; and consultant for the Renfrew Center in both New Jersey and New York. In 2000, she opened her private practice, Laura Cipullo, LLC Nutrition Services, in Dumont, N.J., where she specialized in medical nutrition therapy, eating disorders and the non-diet approach. Due to high demand, she soon moved and expanded her offices. Laura currently has offices in New York and New Jersey. She was recently invited to join the Cardiometabolic Support Network team and now teaches online research-based nutrition to CMSN patient groups.Laura shares her expertise in the nutrition field by providing mentoring services to other registered dietitians and volunteering for food and nutrition causes, including acting as a Food Professional to create a positive food-related experience for the children participating in the American Institute of Wine and Food’s Days of Taste program and volunteering for the nonprofit organization Children for Children, which engages young people in community service. She resides in the West Village in New York City with her husband and children. You can receive free nutrition tips, encouraging a wholesome way of eating that incorporates all foods in moderation, by signing up on Laura’s nutrition blog.


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One Response to “The 5 E’s of Easy Healthy Eating”
  1. Victoria says:

    This is sooo interesting, thanks, Laura….!!!! You are helping me loose this 15 lbs….I am miserable….can’tget rid of it…..I am always hungry….since I stopped smoking…..I enjoy your news magazine….Thank you, again…..Victoria