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June 2021

Tibos Electric Crepe Maker: Yummy French Treat, Beret not Included


One of my favorite memories from a trip to Paris last summer—my daily stop at a street-side crêpe stand. Back in the States, I was determined to learn how to make these scrumptious treats.  I started with a regular skillet, and to my surprise they were incredibly easy.  I began making them regularly, and when my birthday rolled around, guess what I got?! This incredible electric crêpe maker.  The griddle cooks them evenly every time and even lets you know when the ideal temperature is reached.  While it has helped me make larger and more delicious crêpes, it has also become the centerpiece of social gatherings.  My friends and I love getting together to making crepes with a lavish assortment of fillings and toppings—and of course, a glass of wine.  Everyone wants to give the griddle a go along with the authentic utensils that came with it. This makes an amazing gift; just don’t forget the Nutella! Bon Appétit!—Emilee Malvehy

Buy Tibos Electric Crepe Maker, $150, williamsandsonoma.com

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