December 2022

Tips For Your Best Bangs This Fall

Everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Emma Stone have spotted this chic look. But have you ever wondered if bangs would work for you? Page Daily found some tips and tricks to making bangs work on any face shape and hair type.

“The shape of your face (heart, oval, round, etc.) has really no impact on determining the type of bang to get,” says Amanda Scott, stylist at Serge Normant in New York City. Some key factors to take into consideration when getting bangs include bone structure, facial features and how the bang will complement your overall hair style.

A variation of a bang (including a fringe for those with wavy/curly hair) will usually work well on anyone, regardless of face structure or hair type.  Scott recommends avoiding short blunt bangs (ones that go above the eyebrow.) These bangs are hard to pull off and can bring you back to your awkward middle school days. Rounded/arched bangs are another tricky look-often creating the illusion of a larger face. “Typically, bangs should graze the eyebrows or below,” says Scott.

Those looking for a sleek, clean look, should try the classic straight across bangs which are fun and youthful looking. To achieve a more edgier look,  have your stylist carve them out with a razor for the ultimate rock and roll vibe. “My personal favorite are scalloped bangs (cut to be scalloped shaped, not rounded out at the sides). These types of bangs are soft, modern and tend to open up your face shape, ” says Scott.

For a commitment-free bang, try the side-swept bang; ideal for those with smaller foreheads. “Side sweeping bangs are great for those who do not want to commit to a full-fledged bang but would like more softness around their face then brought on by layering alone,” says Scott.

Some common mistakes when choosing to get bangs are having unrealistic expectations and picking the wrong style. “Avoid choosing the wrong bang style by looking only at pictures of people/celebrities with a strong resemblance to you,” says Scott. “Short piecey bangs on someone with finer hair would probably not be ideal to recreate on someone with slightly wavy, thicker hair,” says Scott.

With bangs does come maintenance, so make sure you’re up for the commitment. “Once they are there, they are not going anywhere for a while, and you’ll have a few awkward grow out phases,” says Scott. Scott recommends getting trims when they start to impair your vision (usually salons offer complimentary trims that take only a few minutes). Avoid trimming them yourself; unless you have the proper tools (hair cutting shears) and are educated on the technique. If you don’t have time to get consistent trims, ask your stylist to give you a lesson so you can achieve the look at home.

Less is more when it comes to styling your bangs. Scott recommends not using conditioner on or near them unless you have super dry, frizzy hair as it can leave them too greasy. Scott regularly uses Magic Move Soft by Supremo (1.7 oz, $19.99, available at Ricky’s). This light-weight paste with a matte finish keeps bangs from falling flat.

Need more ways to style your bangs? Scott shares her blow-dry tips for getting perfect bangs everyday. “Starting with the bangs first and using a small tooth comb is pretty much a no fail way to combat any cowlicks and/or splits that may occur at your hairline,” she says.

  • Focus just on the bangs; try not to let them air dry-the wetter the bangs the more control you have
  • Use a small-tooth comb to drag your bangs to the right and continue combing them in the direction with the dryer following the comb
  • Repeat a few times then drag them across to the left side
  • Continue the back and forth motion until bangs are dry
  • Comb straight down and style the rest of your hair as needed
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One Response to “Tips For Your Best Bangs This Fall”
  1. Lauren Lever says:

    You can also get clip-on bangs, if you are afraid of looking bad!