May 2022

Tips to Make The Most of Your Cooler Cleanse Juice Cleanse

Hydrate. Drink lots of water! Enjoy hot water with lemon and herbal teas, but avoid caffeine and decaffeinated coffee. Don’t consume alcohol or other beverages like carbonated water and diet soda.

Rest. During your Cooler Cleanse, make sure to get plenty of rest. It’s important to give your body time to restore, heal and rejuvenate, so try for eight hours of sleep a night. Sleeping more shouldn’t be a problem, and you will find yourself naturally winding down earlier than usual. During a juice cleanse keep your social schedule light and listen to your body’s needs.

Support. Light to moderate exercise helps your lymph system move toxins through the body to the organs of elimination. Walking, gentle yoga and other non-extreme workouts will help you get the most from a Cooler Cleanse. Massages also help to move toxins around and out of the body. Schedule a circulatory or Swedish massage during your cleanse if you can. Many people enjoy acupuncture to support natural detoxification processes.

Customize your Juice Cleanse. Add different juices and make the cleanse your own so it’s interesting. Having a wide variety of flavors keeps your cleanse exciting. Some people like to pour their Green Juice over ice and add lemon. Others use a straw to get the juices down quicker. It’s all about customization and finding the best way for you.


 Eric launched his first juice bar, Juice Generation, in the Manhattan neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen in 1999. He was fueled by a bold mission: To help New Yorkers of all lifestyles and ages discover the energizing and beauty-boosting benefits of nature’s most nutritious liquid foods. With its local roots and colorful menu, Juice Generation was an instant hit. More than just delicious, the nutrient-packed juices Eric created quickly became trusted stress and fatigue fixers for his customers. Six more stores have opened throughout Manhattan, and as word spread, NBC’s Today Show, Bravo Television, Fox News, and the WPIX morning news show have called on Eric to share his juicing expertise. He has also contributed juice and smoothie recipes to many publications including The New York Times, Time Out New York, New York Daily News, and Woman’s Health Magazine.Cooler Cleanse is Eric’s latest juice offering, a collaboration with Salma Hayek. “We combined my technical expertise in juice-making with Salma’s years of experience using juice cleanses to stay healthy, energized, and of course, radiantly beautiful. The results are more delicious and more functional than either of us could have imagined,” says Eric.After serving thousands of customers over the years, Eric remains as excited about sharing his creative juice blends as he was a decade ago. He leads a team of devoted raw food experts, juicers, and nutritionists who are passionate about the benefits of Cooler Cleanse and determined to bring you the healthiest, most delicious juice cleanse possible.

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