February 2023

Tired of Looking Tired

Judith August Orange Masking Creme, $30
The Judith August Orange Masking Créme is excellent at neutralizing and concealing under eye circles. This heavy duty make-up comes in a two color compact design and has a peachy hue which provides for full coverage. The formula not only looks flawless but is also restorative with Vitamin C and chamomile components to protect and calm the skin. Founder Judith August was told she would never become a model because of her under-eye bags and went on to study lighting, art and makeup application, learning to conceal her flaw, fooling them all and working in the industry for over a decade! In later years Judith consulted with plastic surgeons, and attended conventions and panels in the art of camouflage cosmetics, which lead to the birth of her Everything Pencil. One of the best in the biz, Judith August’s cosmetics and concealers are so effective they can be used to camouflage scars, age spots, bruises, birthmarks, veins and even tattoos.

Tarte Eraser 4-in-1 Concealer, $21
This dermatologist tested, paraben and cruelty free 4-in-1 concealer is specially formulated to treat the causes of under eye imperfections and not just mask them. Compounded from aloe leaf, arnica flower and cucumber extracts, olive oil, safflower seed oil and vitamins C and E, Tarte’s super pigmented make-up soothes, heals, softens, anti-inflames and maintains moisture balance in the skin– talk about an eye saver! I tried this one when purchasing one of the Tarte make-up kits and cannot believe how well it works.

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One Response to “Tired of Looking Tired”
  1. Dress4Less says:

    I love Frownies and have been using the brown sticky ones for years. They really work! Can’t wait to try these… Thanks!