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November 2021

Vitalicious Deep Chocolate VitaTops: Grab these Muffin Tops


I have a sweet tooth that would give dentists nightmares. Growing up, it was more than acceptable (to me) to eat a slab of chocolate cake for breakfast. But unfortunately, I now know that it is really not a breakfast food. So, to satisfy my sugar cravings, I’ve swapped out the cake for Vitalicious Deep Chocolate VitaTops. At only 100 calories and 1.5g fat, it’s hard to believe these VitaTops can actually substitute for the fudgy deliciousness of a slice of cake, but let me tell you, they more than make up for it. Plus, you’re getting the best part of a muffin—the top!—Lindsay Leff

Buy Vitalicious Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins, $18 for a box of 16, at vitalicious.com

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