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June 2021

Watch Hill, Rhode Island: Seaside Paradise


My favorite beach weekend get-away, Watch Hill, Rhode Island, may very well be one of the best-kept secrets on the East Coast. A charming seaside town complete with miles of stunning beaches, chic shops too numerous to mention, and delicious restaurants, Watch Hill is the perfect weekend vacation destination. Not to mention it is home to the newly renovated Ocean House, a resort hotel complete with a private beach, spa, championship croquet course and whose restaurants serve only the freshest local ingredients. Here, New England elegance takes on a whole new meaning.—Caitlin O’Malley

Shop: Christina ltd

Restaurant: Olympia Tea Room

Hotel: Ocean House

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2 Responses to “Watch Hill, Rhode Island: Seaside Paradise”
  1. Annie Yaker says:

    So true! Watch Hill is such a great getaway from those hot summers in NYC!

  2. Lynell Wilcha says:

    I had a house boat in Mystic, CT from 1985-2001 and would come to Watch Hill to the Ocean House every weekend during the summer when it was open.

    I would even visit here to walk the beaches in the Fall and Spring. There is no place like this special town anywhere.

    The original Ocean House had seen it’s days and I praise the developers who did the right thing and re-built it with historical and conservatory thoughts in mind.

    I was back up in CT in 2006 spending two weeks and was so excited to show my friend my favorite hotel and spend some time on Napatree Point.

    We drove to Watch Hill and up the hill to the Ocean House and it was GONE!

    I stopped the car and cried in front of the place it used to be for a long time.

    FInally, after I got myself together, we went down to town to get the 411 on what was happening with the property.