January 2022

Expert Jennifer Tuma-Young Talks Weight Loss Secrets

MM: Women often talk about feeling guilty over eating certain foods and are incredibly hard on themselves. You touch on the frequency of this conversation in your book. How do you suggest we change this behavior?

JTY: The first thing is to ditch the dieter mentality. Instead of feeling guilty when you eat something in excess, do something about it. Drink some water. Get moving. Did you eat a piece of cake? Dance around for a half-hour. Have a few French fries? Do some squats in the shower or lunges up the stairs. Hot dogs at the ballpark giving you a tummy ache? Water with lemon all-day long will make your feel much better.

MM: Are there diet programs you are comfortable recommending and why? (Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, etc.)

JTY: I think people are their own best guides when they are tuned-in and aware of their body needs. If someone needs the structure of a program, by all means, they should utilize one that feels healthy to them.

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