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September 2022

Win a Meeting with a Matchmaker!

Marni Galison-61

Want to be lucky in love? One PageDaily subscriber will win a consultation package with a top matchmaker. To enter, tell us your worst date ever and invite 3 friends to subscribe to PageDaily.

To Enter for a Chance to Win:

  1. Tell us about your worst date ever in the Comments section below (no naming the romantic offender, please!)
  2. Subscribe to PageDaily if you’re not already subscribed
  3. Invite 3 friends to subscribe—whether or not they need love, they NEED PageDaily

Love Week Prize:

  • Meet top Manhattan matchmaker Marni Galison of Sunday at Noon
  • 1-hour consultation with Marni in person or via Skype for dating coaching or image consulting
  • 1-hour online-dating profile creation or revision
  • Complimentary invitations to 2 singles events hosted by Sunday at Noon
  • Total value: $550
  • To meet with Marni, you must be between 21 and 55 years old—but caring (or meddlesome, depending on who’s asking!) mothers, friends, and relatives may enter and gift their prize if they win!
  • Contest ends November 30, 2010
  • Prize must be redeemed by May 30, 2011
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6 Responses to “Win a Meeting with a Matchmaker!”
  1. Aida O says:

    The worst date ever was when I met a member of a popular latin band, we seemed to hit it off, and was pleasantly surprised when he told me that we lived in the same neighborhood! He told me to wait for him and that he would take me home, so he drove my girlfriend and I,but dropped her off, and then after that, he said we should get cozy and go to a place for a nightcap! Sure I said, well, he took me to a brownstone, and I was shocked! I thought it was a bar, but when we got in, turned out to be a HOTEL!!!! I ran out of there, and since I was not familiar w/ the area, took the train in the opposite direction and ended up in Queens! by the time the train came and I got back on track, it was 8a!!!! I was so mad, that when my girl friend called to ask how it went I told her the story!…This meat head forgot that my girlfriend was friends w/ the owner of the band, and guess what? He was fired!! Ahh sweet revenge :)

  2. Ali says:

    I met a guy online. His profile said he was 28 and had recently relocated from Philadelphia, where I had lived for several years. I decided to take a chance and meet him at a wine bar after work.

    When I saw visible signs of aging like eye wrinkles and loose chin, I determined he was probably a lot older than 28. Over the course of conversation, he revealed he was really 38 but was not able to change his profile after making that typo to correct it. I was not too fazed by this as we had little to no chemistry and he was spitting while he was talking.

    Just as we were winding the conversation down, and I had asked for the check, he mentioned he was constructing a 3500 SF home. I couldn’t understand why a single man would need this much room. He then admitted he had 2 children (not listed on his profile). I then probed as to how long ago he had split up with the mother of these children, and then he brought up that they were in a 7-year open marriage as she was a bisexual.

    I was horrified and plunkered down a 20 dollar bill and ran out. He tried contacting me on OkCupid afterwards, but I did not respond.

    It was a mortifying date, but I’m glad I wasn’t really that interested in him beforehand!

  3. Erika says:

    When my former co-worker decided to set me up on a blind date with her brother, I couldn’t resist. After all, she had mentioned that he was a baseball player and tall- two things a 5’9 sports addict like myself could not turn down. We decided to meet at a brewery but when I got there, he was nowhere to be found. Twenty minutes later, he strolls in and to my surprise he looked like a giant. No, it was not the fact that he was 6’7 but it was the fact that he had an oddly large head and really hairy arms. To top it off, he was boring and would not stop talking about himself. After enduring a long dinner, which was really probably 40 minutes, we went to go meet some of his friends, including his sister, at the beach.

    The whole ride to the beach was awful. He turned on his Euro DJ mix which he “claimed” he made himself and bobbed his head the whole way. The music was so loud because of the base, people would stare as we drove past them, not to mention, he put the windows down and drove shirtless. Can one say EMBARRASSING? Finally, once we got to the beach, I “accidently” kicked his speaker out of the car since it was just hanging out on the floor. While walking to meet his friends, he thought it’d be cute to sneak up on me from behind and knee me in the back of my knee which caused me to fall forward FLAT-not cool or cute in my book! The worst thing? The fall caused me to stain my outfit. I wanted to die. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he thought it’s be cute to call me Flipper all night.

    Anyways, long story short, he called me for another date and to his surprise, I declined. I have yet to forgive his sister…

  4. Larry says:

    It is easy to remember a bad date that involved a long 3 hour ride home . I met her at Spring Break in Florida and we hit it off. I normally would not consider driving that far but we had a good time in Florida.

    When i got to her house she was not home. Her mom answered the door and looked surprised that i was there. I mentioned that i had a date with her daughter and she said, well humm she is out with her boyfriend on his bike,

    I waited a bit and yep, there she was on the back of his bike. He dropped her off as i can see that he was her steady and i said to her that this was not the greeting that i expected. A few good to see ya’s and then it was back into my car for the ride home.

    Tip #1…..Keep it local and check for fingerprints……

  5. Vivian says:

    Ok, so try this out…you show up on a blind date and as you’re seated, you hear your very “charming” date say, “I have a pocket full of freshly-minted federal reserves. Treat me like a VIP.” (Holding a hundred dollar bill and stretching it in front of the waiter’s face.) That was just the beginning. After claiming not to read menus, because it was below him, asking the waitress to feed him in his mouth with chopsticks, and truly believing he was the real Mark Zuckerberg, I thought the worst was over. Then I found out that according to him, he was the last great catch on earth, and didn’t believe in ties because he was so naturally elegant that ties would not add any value. He also added, at some point, that in his family intermarriage was not considered a bad thing because they wanted to maintain the level of looks and intellect. What can I say, this guy was a real winner.


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