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September 2021

5 Steps for Repairing Your Dry Winter Skin

By Lindsay Leff

Snowstorms keep us homebound. Arctic temperatures make our eyes tear. The weather outside is frightful, and so is our dry skin—painfully dry, with Rudolph-red cheeks, reptile-like hands, and cracking chapped lips. Ouch! To banish the winter skin blues for good, follow our 5 dry winter skin steps for fixing your complexion and hands. And try our skin care product picks for face and hands. Your painful, itchy, red, dry skin problems will melt away as quickly as the next snowfall. Hello, gorgeous!

Step 1—Winter Skin Repair Starts with Face Wash
Perfect skin begins with fresh skin, so always start from the ground up with a clean face. For cleaning winter skin, try a facial cleanser product like Cygalle Healing Spa Licorice Spice Face Wash. Combining licorice root—an enriching natural defense against dry, irritated skin—with coconut oil and vitamins E and C, this face wash will repair damage caused by harsh winter weather.
Buy Cygalle Healing Spa Licorice Spice Face Wash, $65, at cygallehealingspastore.com

Step 2—Dry Skin Moisturizer: Start with Repair, Then Maintain
Moisturize Your Dry Winter Skin
Your face may be clean, but it’s still flakey, red from those winter winds, and itchy from dryness. To fix the damage, use Curel Sensitive Skin Remedy Lotion. Packed with a replenishing ceramide complex, this moisturizer is a complexion (and wallet!) saver that also strengthens the skin to battle the elements.
Buy Curel Sensitive Skin Remedy Lotion, $6.39, at drugstore.com
Avoid Dry Skin with Daily Moisturizer Maintenance
You’ve got those unpleasant winter skin issues under control, so it’s time to maintain your healthy complexion and seal in moisture with Origins Make a Difference Ultra-Rich Rejuvenating Cream. This moisturizer replenishes skin with unique ingredients like Rose of Jericho (a “resurrection” plant that can survive decades of drought) and padina pavonica (a brown algae rich in vitamin C and anti-dehydration properties). Use this cream twice a day for soft skin, and as a bonus, watch your fine lines disappear.
Buy Origins Make A Difference Ultra-Rich Rejuvenating Cream, $36, at origins.com

Step 3—Get Rid of Winter Redness with a Skin-Calming Cream
The flushed, rosy-cheek look, from makeup, love, or a warm-weather escape, is flirty fun. But winter weather that makes you look like Rudolph’s lost relative is not what you’re going for. Reduce winter redness with SkinMedica Redness Relief CalmPlex, a fast-acting anti-inflammatory and anti-redness cream. With the help of vitamin B3 to increase collagen production, as well as jojoba oil and squalane to boost the skin’s moisture content, you’ll never look like a windburn victim again.
Buy SkinMedica Redness Relief CalmPlex, $80, at skinmedica.com ___________  __ (available January 24 in physician offices)

Step 4—Kiss Dry, Chapped Lips Goodbye: Heal, then Maintain
Repairing Dry, Cracked Lips
Do chapped, irritated lips keep you from kissing? Kiss this winter skin problem goodbye with Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Polish. This is perfect-looking pout in a pot. A brown-sugar conditioning exfoliant loaded with nourishing ingredients such as meadowfoam seed, shea butter, and vitamin E, this lip treatment locks in moisture for softer, smoother lips.
Buy Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Polish, $22.50, at sephora.com
Maintain Soft, Kissable Lips All Winter-Long!
Follow up the exfoliant with Avène’s Cold Cream Lip Cream. This lip balm is rich in lipids and sucralfate, ingredients that nourish skin. Throw this lip-rescuer in your purse and apply often, even under your favorite lipstick.
Buy Avène Cold Cream Lip Cream, $14.50, at aveneusa.com (available in February)

Step 5—Smooth Dry Hands: Exfoliate and Moisturize for Softer Skin
Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells on Your Hands
Harsh winter weather hits us in the face—literally—causing redness, irritation, even pain. But it’s our body’s thinnest and most sensitive skin —on our hands—that suffers first from brutal wind, frost, and low temperatures. No one wants to shake crocodile-skin hands or look at chapped knuckles! Treat your dry, reptile-like claws with ZO Skin Health Oraser Microderm Hand Renewal. The sugar crystals, salicylic acid, and retinol in this at-home microdermabrasion treatment are just the fix for ultra-dry, winter hands. A bonus: it reduces fine lines and dark spots.
Buy ZO Skin Health Oraser Microderm Hand Renewal, $50, at zoskinhealth.com
Restore Moisture to Skin
The skin-saver we love? St. Ives Intensive Healing Hand Cream. Formulated with mango butter, olive-leaf extract, and cranberry seed and grape seed oils, this little tube of heaven is targeted to relieve the driest and itchiest of hands.
Buy St. Ives Intensive Healing Hand Cream, $3.19, at drugstore.com

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