August 2022

20 Ways To Look Hot This Holiday

Draw Attention To Your Eyes

Most of us are too busy running out the door for work to worry about the details of our makeup. When you have extra time to get ready before an event or party, play up your eyes with flattering eyeshadow colors or apply a smokey eye. LORAC’s Femme Fatale Collection ($35, includes all the tools you need to make your eyes stand out.

Don’t Crash With Your Makeup On!

After a long night of dancing, mingling and drinking eggnog, it can be incredibly tempting to go straight to bed. Fast forward to the next morning, and you look like you’ve been in a bar fight, your skin is breaking out, and your sheets are a mess. Go the alternate route, and take off your makeup with a rinse-free solution, like Bioderma Créaline H20 ($28, You can also apply a deep cleansing mask, like Clark’s Botanicals Intense Radiance Mask ($72, before bed.

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