August 2022

20 Ways To Look Hot This Holiday

Wear An Alluring Scent

You’ll leave an impression long after you’ve left a party with the right fragrance. Jo Malone London’s Cologne Collection ($95, allows you to layer non-clashing perfumes for a scent that is truly your own. If heading to a sit-down dinner, the ladies at Jo Malone London recommend you wear a citrus scent, which won’t overpower your neighbor or compete with the smell of the delicious food.

Don’t Fall Into A Workout Rut

Staying out late and snacking on party trays will leave you feeling bloated and gross after a while. Always make the time to get a good workout in, whether it’s 30 minutes of cardio or a more intense routine, like Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis ($89.97, Kate Hudson is just one of Tracy’s celebrity clients, and she always looks hot and healthy on the red carpet.

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