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September 2020

A Hot Body for the Hottest Trends

This fall, you better be buff to wear the season’s hottest trends.

Think sculpted arms for Charlotte Ronson’s one-shoulder dress; a tight derriere for Derek Lam’s leather pants; and toned legs for Diane von Furstenberg’s short dresses. To help you get into fighting fashion shape, here are some of the best new exercise DVDs out there.


Want a body like a Victoria’s Secret model? Then work out with this 10-DVD series coming this fall from Brett Hoebel, a 15-year fitness veteran and personal trainer to Victoria’s Secret beauties. Hoebel’s RevAbs program has two 45-day phases with cardio and strength training to burn fat and tone abs. By the end of week one, we felt like strutting our stuff on the runway. This workout is intense, and the series comes with extra goodies like workout cards, a resistance band and an online fitness journal.

Price: TBA

Check for RevAbs release updates

Quantum Yoga Master Sequence: Capricious Shiva

If you’ve got downward dog and reverse warrior down, you may be ready for the Quantum Yoga Master Sequence. The latest DVD in the series, Capricious Shiva is for you advanced yoga divas. Using vinyasa (breath-synchronized movement) to increase prana (vitality), London-based yoga expert Lara Baumann takes you through core work, deep stretches and traditional Indian exercises. There are ten different workouts, with most taking less than ten minutes. You’ll love the divine results.

Price: $22

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Not advanced? Try Baumann’s new book/DVD combo. Quantum Yoga: Creating Your Ideal Practice from an Ocean of Possibilities explains yoga’s history, and it comes with a three-workout DVD, each perfect for beginners.

Price: $29.95

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Becky’s Personal Training Traxx

If your iPod is your favorite exercise companion, you’ll love fitness instructor Becky Wenner’s MP3 workouts. Download one of Becky’s Personal Training Traxx MP3 sets and exercise anywhere. We especially enjoyed Becky’s Lean Body (for Beginners) tracks. Workouts are 12–30 minutes each and set to music by Robert Chilingirian. Becky’s peppy style kept us going through lunges, squats and even weight training. You can purchase single tracks (from beginner to advanced) or an all-inclusive bundle. All purchases come with her ebook.

Price: $7.99–$59.99

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Exhale: Core Fusion Thighs & Glutes

Too busy to exercise? So you say. These five different ten-minute routines give your largest muscle groups an intense workout aimed at lifting buns, toning legs and trimming inches from your waist. We loved the DVD’s production style—the eastern-inspired setting really set the mood for a calming yet effective exercise session. The DVD also includes a five-minute exercise to create long, lean legs and bonus workouts from other DVDs in the Exhale series.

Price: $14.99

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Booty Slide Booty-Licious

Our Booty Slide training session with Rebecca Kordecki was one of our favorite workouts to date. So we can’t wait for the early fall release of her Booty Slide Booty-Licious DVD. The program takes 40 minutes and utilizes lunges and squats (collectively known as “booty slides”) to lift, shape and firm the backside, inner thighs and calves. And the ten-minute abs video will keep your upper half as tight as the lower!

Price: TBA

Check for Booty Slide Booty-Licious release updates

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