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May 2021

Beauty 411

A new form of social networking that really is a face book.

Beauty products are like boyfriends—they seduce us with their promises. So, we ignore The Rules and chase after them. Youth. Beauty. Health. The result? Heartbreak, and a cabinet full of orphan beauty products collecting dust.

To avoid a breakup with your makeup, Ron Robinson recently founded beautystat.com, a social network website. Members can chat, compare product results and exchange recommendations. A 20-year veteran of the beauty industry as a chemist and product developer, Robinson wants to help women avoid wasting money on the wrong products, especially in a tough economy.

Members must complete a questionnaire and rate their own personal satisfaction with their beauty products. The information is used to create recommendations and to funnel feedback to industry executives. The site also provides advice and special offers.

So, the next time you’re tempted to fall in love with that moisturizer masquerading as Mr. Right, check out the product on beautystat.com.

Click here for information.

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