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September 2020

Blueprint Cleanse

Think What You Drink. Sip Your Way to Slim



Longing to adopt healthier eating habits? Kick start your new and healthy diet with a Blueprint Cleanse juice fast.

Of course, there is always a worry that a cleanse might be a little too intense. Fortunately, Blueprint offers 3 different types of cleanses. The Renovation cleanse is a “gateway cleanse” for beginners, which insures that you’ll still have enough fat and calories to go about your daily life without feeling deprived in any way. The Foundation

cleanse is for intermediates who want to gently detox. Meanwhile, those who have done a juice cleanse in the past will delight in the intensive Excavation cleanse, which promises to both clean and heal your system.

While it’s impossible to put a price on good health, the one day cleanse costs $75, while a 3, 5 or 6 day cleanse is $65 per day. For those of you who can’t get enough, cleanses are available for up to twelve days. And for those of you worried about any unpleasant results, take comfort in Blueprint’s statement that “the only potentially severe side effect of this program is finally fitting into your ‘skinny’ jeans.”

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