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July 2022

Buy Organic Valley Pasture Butter, $36.99


Buy Organic Valley Pasture Butter, $36.99 (3 lbs.), at organicdirect.com

  • Lightly salted and lightly cultured
  • No antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or pesticides
  • Seasonally produced in small batches at the height of pasture season for high levels of antioxidants and healthy fatty acids

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Top 5 Foodie Finds: The Next Big Thing in Specialty Foods and Gourmet Products
By Anu Karwa

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One Response to “Buy Organic Valley Pasture Butter, $36.99”
  1. Vadimir Grinber says:

    Thanks for featuring our organic home delivery site, http://www.organicdirect.com for this product. Organic Valley is a great company! Its is a coop of farmers that sell products for themselves. Usually it is not done that way. Its a common thing for farmers just sell their raw products to giant manufacturers and their own ” farm name” earned by hard work is just blends with hundreds of other “nameless” farmers. Its really a shame and unfortunately I have seen it again and again over decade of being involved in organic food industry. Organic Valley is done it definitely because it is owned by farmers. Great example of farmers being able to survive in modern economy, and they are doing very well! The quality obviously is there.!I have met with executives of this company many times and let me assure you that they all have roots going back to farming. We at organicdirect.com support Organic Vallley product line with pride and our clients are raving about it all the time. Thanks again for featuring us and here is a treat.:For all pagedaily customers we would offer 15 %off on first order, just mention pagedail15 in a comment box and the amount will be taken off your bill. Enjoy organic food and product on pagedaiy!

    instead just selling organic profuct

    Great articles, especially ” Top % foodie finds” .O