July 2022

Dylan Lauren: Sweet Lifestyle Tips

Entrepreneur Dylan Lauren is not only the daughter of fashion mogul Ralph Lauren and Author Ricky Lauren, but also the namesake of her own successful company, Dylan’s Candy Bar. Dylan created the ultimate destination for sweet tooths offering everything you can think of in candy land. Her NYC store has become a must-see attraction for tourists (and locals too)! I caught up with the beautiful “Candy Queen” to find out her tips on starting a business and some of her best kept beauty and lifestyle secrets.

MM: How did you come up with the concept of Dylan’s Candy?

DL: I always loved candy and travelled the world finding cool candies I wanted to carry or display like a museum does. I also wanted a fun retail-entertainment environment to make the candy shopping experience more magical and exciting. Willy Wonka and Disneyland’s theatrical environments also inspired me.

MM: What made you decide to expand to a clothing line? Tell us about it.

DL: Candy is like art and fashion to me. I love the shapes, colors, textures of candy and have created patterns that would work well on clothing, jewelry, bags, spa products. We are a candy lifestyle brand and our customers come to us to enjoy more than just eating candy.


MM: What advice can you give someone who is looking to be an entrepreneur?

DL: Just Do it! Follow your gut!

MM: How would you describe your personal style?

DL: colorful, Ralph Lauren casual-chic

MM: What do you do to stay in shape?

DL: Candy always but along w/ protein and salad (fish), weight training, TRX and Tony Molina bands, aqua jogging, stair mill, jogging.

MM: What are your beauty/skin secrets? Must-have products?

DL: Makeup Forever bronzing powder and Maybelline mousse for making skin look tan naturally and to avoid the sun. Also Body Butter by Body Shop is great for moisturizing skin.

MM: Whenever you’re snapped in pictures, you hair is always camera ready. What products do use to keep your hair looking glossy and healthy?

DL: Bumble+Bumble straight gets it silky, Its a 10 to protect the ends and overall hair.

MM: Congratulations on the launch of your new LA store! What lucky city is next?

DL: Miami

MM: Any other new projects in the works?

DL: Yes opening Miami this winter!

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