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October 2021

Our Spring/Summer Fashion Wish List

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Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, we want to share what our editors absolutely positively can’t possibly live without this month! ___________________________

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Our Spring/Summer Fashion Wish List

By Katrina Caspelich _____________________________

We watched the runways, visited the showrooms, and are hitting the stores. Here are a few fantasy fashion items we think we can’t—or won’t—live without: ________________________________________

1. Market Research Analyst Daniela Apeloig
While shopping for fashion for spring, Daniela spotted this J.Crew Crystal Rock Necklace online and is now fixated. She knows the bold accessory will add some spring fashion sparkle to her wardrobe.

Price: $69.99, gunmetal ________________________

2. Founding Editor Melissa Meyers
Melissa loves this Helmut Lang Spray Ombre Dress. Stylish draping, asymmetrical hem—and just swap out the accessories to go from day to night.

Price: $495, brown/black


3. Editorial Staffer Arax-Rae Van Buren _____________ In a frenzy to find the perfect pair of shorts for spring, Arax found these Tibi Crepe de Chine Ruffled Shorts. With a blouse, blazer, or corset, these shorts are versatile and feminine.

Price: $240, purple rain   ________________________________

4. Editor-in-chief Nancy Rotenier

Our shoe-obsessed editor-in-chief is living for these Stella McCartney Ribbon Sandals. From the wooden heel to the open toe, these sandals fulfill her childhood dream of owning Candies, but with more fashion-forward flair.

Price: $395, navy _________________________________

5. Editorial staffer Katrina Caspelich

A true Californian, Katrina searches for both style and comfort from her spring fashion finds. The minute she saw this Striped Wrap by Sauce, she had to have it!

Price: $108, heath _________________________________

6. Social Media staffer Hyejin Kim

Stylish and edgy, these Alexander Wang by Linda Farrow Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for Hyejin this season as they ooze her personal style. And the zipper detail—genius.

Price: $355, shiny black ______________________________

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